Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wish me luck...

Wish me luck because I'm about to fulfill my childhood dream. In about 8 hrs I will be boarding a train, then a bus then travelling to around Europe for 18 days with a bunch of crazy exchange students.
Ever since I was a child this has been my dream- to travel europe!
I always remember being inspired to travel. I used to flick through Mum and Dads albums, I used to recieve postcards and exciting gifts from my Grandparents from all over the world and I used to listen to teachers tell us about tours and people they met. Those were the moments when I decided that I had to do that too. I had to see the sites, take the boat rides, eat in the cafe's and walk the cobbled streets. I had to get lost on a train and scream because no one would help me. I wanted to be the one sending the postcard home, buying the gifts and taking those cheesy touristy pictures.

So very soon, I'll be up, finishing off my packing and meeting the bus that will take me on this adventure. I'm a little scared I'll admit.. I just dont want anything to get stolen! But this is my trip. This is my dream and I'm going to make sure I live every moment of it.

Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Holland!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

in a blogging mood.

This is just a little update before I go on the experience of a lifetime.

So lately I've just been chilling.
It was my last day of school on thursday for like..... 2 and a bit months... dont be too jealous ;)
At first I was a little worried, having all that time off but I think I'll be ok. So far I'm pretty booked.
Euro tour from 26th-12th
Roskilde Festival
Sweden with Kat
Friend from Poland will be visiting hopefully.
Days spent with my oldies as they'll be off back home soon.
And hopefully good times with my danish friends!

I'm looking forward to these but I cant believe that once the holidays are over I'll be moving families. I just got here, I'll hardly be at home on the holidays, I dont want to move... 3 months is too short in each family.

I had a picnic with Kat a few days ago. She slept over, we made nachos and took it down to the beach. weather was like 20 degrees with the sun out. Sooo lovely! I got sunburnt!
I'm also pretty sick at the moment. Which sucks. I really hope I'm better for Euro Tour.

Speaking of which, is in like 2 days!! Cant Wait!! 7 countries, 18 days, bus full of exchange students. How amazing will it be!?!

Thats pretty much it for now...Next posts will be about my amazing adventure :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

happy, happy, happy!

I cant believe it, May has come and will end very soon. It just keeps going quicker and quicker.

The past 2 weeks have just been a blur.
I moved families on the first day of the month. It was a nice easy transition as I was only moving next door. I moved into a family with two younger boys and a dog. I love this family. I feel so at home here and I love just being back in busy environment and its nice to have a pet too. I have lived with animals my whole life in and about the house, its nice to have that back. I also love my two little brothers. They're so cheeky and friendly. They speak good english, sometimes I dont always understand but they try! (although I should be using danish!)
I have the best view from my room, I look out to the ocean. Its so lovely.

My first week at my new house, I was hardly there. I just seemed to be in and out. Going to friends places or activities after school.

I spent a lovely afternoon with Marianne, We went on a lovely bike ride through the forest. It was gorgeous, with big tall trees, green everywhere and little white flowers on the floor. We also saw a deer poking its head through the long grass.
Later we went down to the beach fossil searching and it was so nice just walking along talking and looking for fossils.
I love spending days with Marianne.

Last week, We (exchange students) threw a suprise party for one of the girls. It was a great night and she was so happy!

I've been going to school- well what I can, because its end of the year and its exam time. I'm startign to get frustrated now with turning up and not doing naything. At first it was ok, I could just play on my laptop or talk to my friends. But now when I go and sit for 6 hours on my butt doing nothing, it really makes it all so pointless. I'll keep going.. because I have to. I dont have long left now anyway.

I've been going to gym alot too. I did a Yoga class with Katrina. Major FAIL. Oh we were so un-flexible (if thats even a word?!?!) I couldnt keep a straight face but I'm going back next week. It was actually quite relaxing!

Mum sent me a package the other day. Just clothes, shoes, sauces and some lollies. But she also sent me my art supplies and.... This AMAZING book (scrapbook) that she made... its full of all these quotes and pretty designs. I'm almost too scared to write in it.. Its so pretty. She also made a cover/pencilcase thing for it. Its so well made I thought it was bought. Check my reading list to see it on her blog.

Euro tour is in 2 weeks, and I'm so excited!!!! Will be such an amazing experience!!

I'm really loving Dk at the moment. The weather has cheered up a little and I just seem to be keeping busy.
I'm happy.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Here you see- Brazil, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Hungary and America. Aka- My Family.
Alot of days are like this, it makes me realise that... People are People. We are all the same we just live in different places. Forget appearance, language and culture, in the end we're all human.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


The world is full of people who will go their whole lives and not actually live one day.

She did not intend on being one of them.