Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Bee!

Life's been quite busy at the moment.. and I'm loving it. I had the best weekend!

Friday night I went to Mary Poppins. I had a lot of fun, I may have slept through the 2nd act though. Ooops!

My host family ordered us tickets and we went on the bus with their friends (including my next family). We ate a restaurant at the theatre and had the waiters sing to us.

The musical itself was really good, I enjoyed looking at the costumes and we were really close to the stage! I was a little dissapointed I didnt understand, I am coming along with my danish and understanding alot these days so I thought I may have some idea- but I was wrong! but all in all I had a very good night :)

Saturday, I was up for a lazy day- quick skype with mum, few eppys of gilmore girls and an hour or two at the gym. However, Katrina (the other aussie) rang me and I went out with her that night. I really enjoyed myself, I made a few new danish friends and it was so fun to use the 'I'm from Australia' card!!

Kat and I slept in late Sunday, made some fail choccy pancakes and caught the train down to Copenhagen with my host family.

We went to Mary's house. I liked it, I think. I loved how they went a little modern and decorated the place for them, rather than the traditional historical way. Immaturely, I went and touched all the door knobs because Mary will touch them! haha!

Anyway, after the palace we went to Tivoli! My host dad's daughter works there, so we got a tour.

Tivoli is just AMAZING! I LOVED it! Its not quite a theme park but more than a wonderland. I loved that everything was so beautiful and nothing looked tacky, like I was thinking it would. Kat dragged me on every ride I said I wouldnt. Mum, you'd be shocked!

We had Japanese for dinner and ended the night with some AMAZING Karaoke in the bar! Yes Dad, I did inflict my wonderful singing voice on a room ful of people.... 3 times!

I feel so good at the moment, I've been keeping busy and having such and amazing time!

Just a quick revelation of mine- the world is tiny! we may be separated by massive oceans and hours apart but its tiny!

On the bus to Mary Poppins I was talking to someone who had friends where I live in Bendigo. I move to the other side of the worold for 12 months and the neighbourhood I move to has connections to Bendigo!
The local Wine seller also just happens to sell wine made in Bendigo- out of all the Aussie wine on offer, The small town in Korsoer sells wine from Bendigo. Go figure!
Knowing this, makes me feel not so far away after all!

also, Happy Birthday to my Grandfather!!! Thinking of you xxxx

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 months down.. huh?.. already?... nooo... wait.. yep!... oh shit!

Time flies when you're having fun aye?
I've been so busy lately- hence the rather brief posts.
I'm finding more and more that I'm hardly going or at school, I dont know why, Alot of classes have been cancelled (like today, every single one).. and when there are classes, there only is like one or two a day. Hey, I'm not complaining, just wondering whats up with that. Also when I have been at school I've had mostly exchange student classes and as much as I'm having a blast with the exchange kids... I miss my danish friends!!!
So after the holidays life went back to normal, well normal as it can be. The weather has picked up. MUCHLY! I think its made everything better. I love going for walks down to the beach and going for bike rides. I love wearing just jeans and two layers. I love the sun lighting my whole room up at 6am- makes getting up sooo much easier! Things are good. I've been seeing more and more of DK and finding new experiences.
Last week I went to an EfterSkole with my 3rd host families daughters. I stayed the night at the EfterSkole and I had so much fun! If I was a dane I would definitely be going to one of these. They are like boarding schools for the Aussies. My 'sisters' were alot of fun and I really look forward to staying that family. It feels like mine at home, so I think it will be nice. Thay also took me to the Queens Birthday on Friday (16th). They asked me ages ago if I'd like to go and I was like sure why not, they asked if it'd be a problem with school and I thought not because in Aus when its the Queens B'day its a public holiday but not here, I like that I think. To me, its kinda like the Queen is saying 'Hey, I'm normal, I have a birthday like all you continue on with your lives regardless'... however that does not stop DK!! We went down to see her wave from the balcony, I thought it was pretty cool seen as if I'd been in Aus I would of seen a snippet on Sunrise or ABC news at 730 about it. But there I was, fighting through the crowd, getting pissed off at the old lately pushing me in the back like we were playing netball or something and zooming my camera in as far as it could go to see her majesty in her pretty blue dress. I had so much fun. Later we went shopping with the girls and Susie (Host Mum) boguht me an I Love Copenhagen tee. She bought one for Mie, Karoline and I and my heart melted when she said she wanted all her three girls to have one!
That night Katrina and I had an aussie night. There was supposed to another girl to work on our drama play for school but she cancelled. So Kat and I made Lasagne (well kat did) and I made the Pavlova. HUGE SUCCESS! we ate a WHOLE lasagne and pav between the TWO of us. Just as well I've joined a gym.
Yep, thats right, GYYYMM. Now, I dont know if I've put on weight. My clothes still fit and I have no idea of the sizes here... but I feel unhealthy. Too much meat, potato and bread! I dont know how the danes do it!
So I've gymed about 4 times and I'm going tomorrow. Its really good and the best part is.. Rotary are paying. Thanks Rotary! My next host mum goes there aswell so I cant wait to go with her!

I'm off to Mary Poppins on friday and Copenhagen on Sunday so my weekend is pretty packed (as all weekends have been of late) and I'm moving families come first of May so thats exciting! and next thing I know its euro tour on the 26th!!!!

Piccys soon :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i dag...

So today I skipped my only lesson at school and went to work with my counsellors wife. I had so fun! I love this woman. We travelled over four islands I think today. I helped her work then we went and had lunch... my first danish hot dog! I saw a castle, denmarks largest stone (ha!), we went shopping, had coffe and cake and then beach combing for some fossils... and look what I found :) (sorry pic isnt great, best i could do!)

I had a great day today, I saw abit more of DK and I enjoyed spending the day with Marianne!
^ DK's largest rock... yep.

Monday, April 5, 2010

just a few pics of what I've been up to.
We went to a musem in Odense on saturday, they had different exhibitions. first photo is from a history of tabacco exhibiton and the second one is this room they set up- more for kids but it was cool. would of been better if I was 5. Third is stadium if my first football match and the last one was probably the last snow storm we had! haha it stopped after ten mins (taken early march I think)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

what i've been up to, not what i'm thinking!

Well the last posts about what I've been doing were a while ago.
So since Rome I have been back at school. Not doing alot, its getting kind of frustrating but I cant learn danish overnight. Speaking of danish, its going ok. I understand more than I can talk and I think I'm starting to think a little in danish. It makes more sense written than it does when it comes out of someones mouth, but I'll get there.
And back on track, So schools ok, my danish friends are really lovely. I'm getting to know them abit better now and its a bit easier now that sometimes I can understand what their talking about. I had a sleepover one night with all of them and I had alot of fun. Wasn't an eventful night, but it didn't need to be.
I went to Jutland last weekend with my host family, a place called Nibe. Its about 300kms from where I live. We pretty much drove across two islands and it only took 3hrs. Denmark you are small.... but why are you so big when it comes to visiting other exchange students!?!
This week has been Paaskeferie. Which means Easter Holidays I think, so I have just been chilling at home. Alot of my friends are off in different countries, but I dont mind being at home.
I started painting again, its nice... helps with the thinking.
I went to Copenhagen Tuesday with my counsellors family. I had a really great day! I had missed spending time with that family. It was so wierd to be in their house, when the last time I was there I had just arrived. We went to where the Little Mermaid WAS.. China took her away. But she'll be back... I hope.
Wednesday was another day at home, but I went out for a walk and only got as far as next door when my next host mum- Helen, asked me in for Tea. I really enjoyed talking to her. I move to my next family in a month and as much as I like this family now, it'l be a nice change. I'm very intrigued by the danish culture and this will be a different environment, I also have 2 brothers in my next family. I haven't had that experience, nor have they.. Man, they are gunna love me with all my girly products floating around their bathroom! But, the boys seem nice and cheeky, like most boys so I'm looking forward to it.
Today I went to Copenhagen again to see a Soccer match with my Host Dads daughter. We had lots of fun. I have never been to a 'football' match before and I really enjoyed it. I was actually quite surprised at how small the stadium was too... I mean I think they said 40,000 people can fit there or something and I was like ok, that'll be big. But no offence Denmark, but thats got nothing on our MCG or Telstra Dome/ Etihad Stadium (whatever its called now)... saying that, Australia is ALOT bigger than DK.
And thats all I have really been up to.
I am going to Odense on saturday and back to school on tuesday.

Just, like to wish ASH a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! missing you loads!

thats all for now, pics sometime soon.