Sunday, March 28, 2010


It's been on my mind alot lately. Mainly because I'm starting to notice change in myself and when I talk to home!
I thought when I came here that everything was going to be ok- I was going to have the year of life and bring the girl I 'became' back home and somehow fit her into the same life I led. but now the more I 'become' I know that wont be so easy.
Some of the exchange kids said they would use this experience as the start of their new life. That when they would return home they would 'start again' and I thought I dont want that to happen, I want things to be the same- why? I dont know, I just do... but no matter how much I want that now, I realise they wont be. My school will always have new students, my work will always emply more staff, my bestfriends will find new ones and hey, even my room wont be the same after my sister has had it for 12 months (sorry, no offence luce!)... So this has made me come to the realisation that its time to let go, Let go... I'm here, not there... I have wanted this my whole life and I need to grasp it before its over.. 12 months is a long time.. but just ask the 'oldies' it goes too quickly... so I'm going to go for it.. going to have the year of my life and accept that things will change.. I will change, they will change.. but the thing is, change is scary (well I find it scary).. changing is scary!
I dont know who I am anymore... Here I'm just a girl that goes to school and plays on her laptop all day, a girl that doesnt understand anything, a girl that is constantly annoying because she doesnt know whats going on so she just follows when she spent four years of high school teaching herself not to annnnddd a girl that doesnt know what she wants anymore ie: the rest of her life. And maybe all of this is a good thing but I've never hated not knowing so much!
but I have to go with this because theres no other way to deal with this... So I'm going to let go- doesnt mean I dont want what was, just means that I have ten months left here and I need to make the most of it.

This post, has been brewing and sorry if I've wasted your time.. Mum says I have too much time to think here?!... but I needed to get it out. Promise the next post will be about what I've been up to.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

where's that girl gone?

what happened to the girl that had her life planned out?

where has the girl that was angry with the world gone?

where did all her oppinions and questions go?

where have all her dreams gone?

well, she went to denmark..


dont expect that girl back!

please understand.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


had danish class today. understood about 80% of the conversation between students, may have been simple danish but its better than nothing.

speak slowly, give me about 20seconds to translate to english and just maybe I'll understand what your babbling at me.

Friday, March 19, 2010


So I've just got back from my class trip to rome. yep thats right, rome!! We left bright and early Saturday morning and arrived back in Copenhgen late last night. So much happened this week and it all went so fast, I still cant comprehend that I actually went to Rome. That I actually saw the things you see on Getaway or in magazines. I chucked a coin in the Trevi Fountain, I sat on the Spanish Steps, I walked thru the Colloseum and I waited in line at the Vatican. As much as we saw all the tourist destinations we also saw the little inns and outs. We visited various Churches, Piazza's and wandered through quaint little streets. I like that we traveled everywhere by foot. I mean I was in some serious pain after the first 2 days, but it was the best way to see it all.
I had fun with my class, they're all so nice. I feel like I got to know them a bit better after this week :)

I really don't know what to say about rome, I've been summing it all up in postcards so I'm just starting to think. There was so much to take in. As much as I loved visiting all the 'big' tourists spots my favourite parts was walking through the streets and the piazzas. I liked walking through the small streets and poking in and out of the shops. I would of loved to have shared this with Mum, I know she would love it. I also went to an Edward Hopper exhibition. It was at the end of the day and I wasnt sure whether I could take any more walking but I went and I really enjoyed it. I'm not much of an exhibition person, I just like to wander through have a look and leave but this one I was quite intrigued by. Alot of his paintings have a 'wonder' about them. The objects/subjects always seem to have an expression like their looking into the distance, they make you create various scenarios of what actually could be going on in the photo. 'what is she thinking' 'whats is she looking at' 'what is through those doors etc. I guess what I'm trying to say is that he leaves his painting open to your imagination/interpretation. Can be anything you want it to be.
Wow, I'm really struggling to talk about rome, not sure why.
Well finally I made Mum happy and got my hair cut, way cheaper in rome than denmark.
I also ate alot of pizza and pasta which I guess is a given while in Italy.
I was also a little bit dissapointed with some of the people in rome. The way they treated tourists. Everywhere we went there was someone trying to sell you something or trying to rip you off. I think its just sad people have to be indecent human beings just so they can score an extra euro or sell some sunglasses. I cant even describe it right now, but I just thought it was so sad.
I found rome so busy and crowded and I would of loved for there to be less tourists but I guess thats just how it is. I loved that traffic would stop for you... in Aus they look out but only really stop if its a zebra crossing and in DK if you dont move they run you over... but in Rome, they just give way to you!

I think my fav place was the Trevi Fountain. I didnt get alot of time there and it was swarmed with tourists but I just thought it was magical. Another place I loved was the Colloseum. I wished my sister was there to see it with me. I also found the churches quite mesmorising. I mean, I'm not religious or anything, far from it actually, but we sat in on a service on sunday morning and it was quite beautiful. We were in this massive ass church covered with paintings all over the roof and massive stone pillars towering around you, it was silent and I was just looking around at all the people and I dont know why, but I found quite beautiful.

I saw alot of things in rome and as much as all the walking was so draining I think it was the best way to see rome. I also thought that the schedule and the things the teachers had planned for us was good as well. I know that if I didnt go with the class I wouldnt have seen all the inns and outs that we did.

I couldnt believe how busy rome was still at night... like talking early hours of the morning, it wasnt busy because of people going to clubs and bars but it was like people doing their groceries or something. It was crazy!!
I didnt stay out late at all really while I was there, I just wanted to be 'fresh' (as the danes would say) for the morning. When I'm tired and havent had much sleep everything goes out the window. I dont care where I am, what I'm doing or whats going on. All I want is to go back to sleep and thats that. And I just really knew that I didnt want to be tired for rome because I may never come back. As sad as it sounds, and I try not to let that happen. But you just dont know. From DK to Italy is like 3 hrs, its so easy to travel in europe if you live in europe. But in Aus, not so quite.

Ok so, thats about it for now... I'll probably add more later. sorry for the dodgy update... but I think I'm starting to forget how to form words. great.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i get it now.


so a weekend of sorting out copenhagens metro and now for the past two days I have been catching the train home from school because I was so sick of the 40 minute bus ride (train is 9mins) and having to wait around on the hour to get home. So I have started using the train, why I didnt do these earleir I dont know, well actually I do. I was a little reluctant because I didnt like the idea of ending up on another island and I had no sense of direction or no idea how to read the train system at the station but now... I have it worked out. I know not to catch any train leaving to Fyn or Jutland at 12 past because that doesnt stop at my stop. I know that any train going anywhere that says in the direction of Copenhagen not get on it ( this is to go home) but most of all now I know, if in doubt.. JUST ASK SOMEONE. duh charlie. I havent learnt these things the hard way yet, aka ending up on another island or going in the wrong direction. but I sussed it all out before I started taking the train. And how everything has become so much easier. I was just thinking today how I rely on public transport, not saying I didnt at home. In fact I used all the time, most weekends and for 6 years I took the bus to and from school everyday give or take. When I was young Mum and I caught the bus EVERYWHERE! but now, its a lifeline. I use it atleast once day. twice on the days I sleep in or cant be bothered walking from school to town. haha
I know it sounds silly, wow the 17 year old girl finally caught the train on her own, but when your in a foriegn country that you dont understand (everything here is backwards) all that confidence about easy everyday stuff goes out the window. so right about now I'm feeling pretty good about my efforts over the past few days. And it wasnt until my walk home that I've started to realise the little changes in my life and how I'm changing. Independence wise I think. I always thought I was an independant person. Tried not to rely on people, like to do things myself. But its the little everyday things that make it obvious that I really wasnt all that independant. Now, I am awake 2hrs before school instead of 20 minutes, because now I will make someone late if I dont get up on time or I have a bus (or train!) to catch, Now I make my own lunch- its not that I didnt want to, dad liked to make it for me... he said its because he like to know I was eating something decent. Now I am at school 20 minutes before class instead of 20 minutes after, oops. Now I think my day out what I will need and what I wont, because I cant just run home and grab my PE clothes. Thats just a few things that I've started to notice and that has just become part of what I do everyday and I dont even think twice about anymore.

This was supposed to be a short post about my achievement today, but what the hell, I've got my writing mode back.

Last but not least, I would like to wish my gorgeous grandmother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (if your reading) have a terrific day Nan, I love you alot!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

few piccy's

Here's a few pics from the past few weeks.
first one: sleepover club.
for the get together in copenhagen saturday night was 'hollywood' night. not everyone dressed up but there was some cool stuff. last minute a few friends decided we wold go as the sleepover club. big hit :)
second: some of my friends friday night :)
third: mary's house in north zealand. we just dropped in for kaffe.
fourth: castle in north zealand. as you can see, weather was shit.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm still here, dont stop reading.

Well I think its been a while since I last posted but I've been busy... busy not doing much but busy all the same. Plus I am really struggling to make words form let alone sentences.. I dont know whether its because i'm tired/exhausted all the time or because the cold is freezing my brain or maybe because I'm just getting dumb.

I've spent the last few weeks since intro camp at school. Haven't had alot of classes but thats how it goes. Wednesday I went to school for one class (2pm) and sat there for two hours playing tetris on my iphone. Why I even went beats me, but I'm here on a student visa therefore school is rather important regarding me staying here. Still learning bass in my music class, just once a week and its just doing a few rifts, but its nice. I know I'm not very good, but I enjoy it.

A friday ago, I went out with my friends. We just went into town and went to some places and it was really fun!! They're lovely girls and I'm really looking forward to the year to come with them. I feel so lucky to have met people that have so willingly let me into their lives and been interested in me.

I also went to North Zealand last week, It was a nice time but I was so tired from going out with my friends and the weather was really bad. Cold and miserable. Another time where I felt the weather was wrecking my experience. Just like Arhus I will go back in the nice weather to appreciate it a little bit more.
My iphone also got reception from Sweden (as you can see Sweden from where we were) and I got a few messages. Only telstra and a missed call because thats all the time it had for things to come through, but all the same I got them and I felt a tad sad. Just another lifeline to home...

I think last time I posted I said my class trip wasnt too far away, well its on Saturday and I cant wait! It'll be another great time with my class!!

Also just gone has been the Get together in Copenhagen ALL the Rotary exchange kids. It was crazy.. I traded pins again and now my blazer looks even better. It was a 'fitness' camp, I did yoga- or as I call it... some deranged gymnastic class. and I also did some swimming and I did a 7km bike ride. Those 130 calories I just worked off went straight back on with the KFC that we snuck out and got.
We took the train to Copenhagen with one of our oldies, and she showed us Christiania in Copenhagen. Google Christiania because I cant describe this crazy place. Its basically like a community in DK that follow by their rules and have their own way of life... like their not even 'part' of DK. Its full of drugs but if you just ignore that whole part its quite beautiful. You cant take any photos of it and you have to be quiet. I really want to go back to have a proper look, I know its probably not good for an exchange student to be hanging around there but I'm just intrigued.

So everything is going well and I am enjoying it. More and more everyday I'm finding new things out about myself. I spend alot of time thinking (nothing new) and lost in everything around me. I seem quiet but to be honest I'm just taking it all in. I still cant comprehend 12months in this place I just feel like I haven't seen Mum in a while. Time really is moving quickly (just ask the oldies) already we are in march and its going to be a busy one, next thing I know it'll be april.

update after rome. hope this wasnt too scattered my minds not really with the whole writing at the moment.