Friday, January 29, 2010

First Week.

For Daddy :) ^^

Now, where to start...
Well its one week since I left for dk. Bit strange really, feels like I've been here so much longer.

OK, So on Tuesday I started school, well I went in and I met the other australian girl at my school and the other exchange students. The school is nice and easy to find your way around and the danish kids are really really nice. I walked into my class and everyone introduced themselves to me and were friendly. I have absolutely no idea whats going on in class because of the language barrier but thats ok. I just draw. I have to catch the bus to and from school, which is ok.. I figured it out thanks to Louise :D Its really strange getting up and going to school in the dark and then at about 430-5pm its dark too so it feels later. I dont have a lot of classes, normally about two or three a day... means I start later or finish early. I like that :) I also think that the Danish schooling system is WAY BETTER than the Australian. In class the teachers teach through discussion and group work, even though I dont understand whats going on, I still look around the room and see that all the kids are listening and focused on the lesson, its much more engaging I think. Theres no copying from the board or copying out 2 pages of a book, theres no being talked at for 30mins straight. I think its really good. Another thing I've noticed here is the respect that Danish kids have for themselves, each other and their elders. When I watch Danish kids talk to adults they are not rude and around other kids they are friendly and treat everyone the same. I like that. I also like that they are treated as adults much younger than us and that they understand that they are responsible for the choices they make.

I've made some nice friends and they are going to take me to some festivals and around Copenhagen :) I cant wait.
For Australia Day I made a pav and my Familt really liked it :) they also made me a nice bbq :)

The other night Marianne, Louise and I made a snow man :) That was so fun and earlier I had my first snowball fight :)

Its been very cold here, but I dont mind, I just race home for a hot choccy :)

Tonight I am going to an exchange get together that should be fun!

It was my last night at the Vesterholm's. I've enjoyed staying for the week. They are really lovely people :)

I'm not homesick anymore, I miss things.. but its going ok... I know I'm gunna have a blast this year!! :D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Greetings from Denmark

Well after two long plane trips I'm finally here!!! Flight was ok, little boring, not used to being couped up. Plane food was average... oh and MUM you'd be so proud..I ate PORK haha its ok...
It was great sitting with the other students, we chatted about exchange and it was exciting!!!
I got to Dk at 6am and met my Counsellor and his Family. Hanne and Claus my First family also met me at the airport. It was really nice. Korsør (co-surr) is about an hour from Copenhagen, so the drive back was nice but different...wrong side of the road is a little odd. Dk is so different. It was like -7 and snow. I saw snow for the first time. Dk is flat, and I dont know how to describe it but it doesnt feel like theres any streets. Maybe its because there is snow everywhere and you cant tell. We went for a walk down near the beach and they live so close. Bring on summer! Haha Its really nice though. The family I'm staying with is really nice! They're so welcoming and They're teach me a little danish so far I can say: Tak for mad= thanks for meal... and on monday (tomorrow) They are taking to a friend who will teach me Danish :)
I enjoy talking to them and sharing with them about Australia. The house is really nice and so is my room :)
I'm having trouble comprehending that I'm actually here. Last night I slept ok, but I woke up at 1.30am and couldn't sleep. I miss home, its only setting in what I'm actually doing. I cant wait for school to start so I have some routine in my life to keep my mind off things. I thought I'd be ok, like I wouldnt be sad, but I am. Wasn't as strong as I thought I was. I know that as time moves and I start daily life here it'll be easier. I love it here already just hate missing home.

Sunday (24th): Today I went into Slagelse, I saw my school and the bank where Per (my counsellor) works! I love the Danish buildings, They're nice and inside is so open!!!
I also met Hanne and Claus, I'll be staying with them next week and they're very nice! They showed me my room and my own bathroom. Dk has heated floors! its great :P Also I met my next family (next door to Hanne and Claus) and they have two boys. They seem nice too!!

Later on I googled Australia for Per and Marianne and showed them alot of things. It was really good. I showed them some aussie cash and gave Marianne the dollar because she loves Kangaroos. She's going to use it as her lucky coin for golf I think! Marianne is lovely and I really enjoy talking to her. I showed her photos and things on my laptop and it was good :) she's a good cook too! I dont mind the Danish food, its alot of bread (oh and I can say rugbrod- which is dark bread.) We also went shopping today and I bought some cream and berries for the pavlova I'm making for aussie day :) They said they love meringue so I'm glad!!
I'm feeling alot better now, dont know how the night will go but its ok!
Put some photos up when I take some more!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ok, so I'm posting this now as I wont be doing it in the morning!

Tomorrow I'm leaving. CRRAZZZY! I dont know how I feel really. I've had this feeling for a week now, and I dont like it, I'm not used to it. I think its because I have NO IDEA what is coming next, what I'm in for or how its all going to turn out. I cant see past Denmark let alone imagine being there. I know it will be great and I know that in order for it to be great I have to give it a go! This is a chance I've been waiting forever to do and I'm going to grasp every moment..... even when its too cold and I cant understand the language and I miss Mum and it all gets too much... I'm not coming home!
So tomorrow I'm weighing my suitcase and heading off down to the airport to start this crazy/exciting/nerve wracking/ once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm going!!! I'm going to say goodbye to my Parents who mean the world to me, I'm going to say goodbye to my insanely amazing sister. I'm saying goodbye to my VBFITWWWFEAE and good bye to the boy that makes my heart soar!

Its not forever I know, even though really its the start of forever.


Next post: Greeting from Demark ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First post!

Ok, so this blog is made up for my adventure to DENMARK this year :)
First post!
Well, On the 22nd of Jan at 4.25pm I'm flying off to Denmark for 12 months! I stop over in Bangkok then fly out from there at midnight their time, to Copenhagen where I'll be picked up :D I'm soo excited! but I'm so nervous! I've tried packing but its waaayy too overwelming so I just put it away! have to get on to that though!
It feels like I'm going forever I dunno why, maybe its just coz its gunna be a long time away from everyone but it just does! Its going to be so hard living in a new culture and being away from everything I've known but I'm so excited for the adventures Denmark will bring! I cant wait to immerse myself in a new culture and way of life, I cant wait to learn to speak another language. I cant wait to meet the people that will change my life and I cant wait to have a better understanding of the world around me!
I haven't left yet but I can just tell Denmark will be truly amazing! My families I've talked to seem so warm and welcoming!!