Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First post!

Ok, so this blog is made up for my adventure to DENMARK this year :)
First post!
Well, On the 22nd of Jan at 4.25pm I'm flying off to Denmark for 12 months! I stop over in Bangkok then fly out from there at midnight their time, to Copenhagen where I'll be picked up :D I'm soo excited! but I'm so nervous! I've tried packing but its waaayy too overwelming so I just put it away! have to get on to that though!
It feels like I'm going forever I dunno why, maybe its just coz its gunna be a long time away from everyone but it just does! Its going to be so hard living in a new culture and being away from everything I've known but I'm so excited for the adventures Denmark will bring! I cant wait to immerse myself in a new culture and way of life, I cant wait to learn to speak another language. I cant wait to meet the people that will change my life and I cant wait to have a better understanding of the world around me!
I haven't left yet but I can just tell Denmark will be truly amazing! My families I've talked to seem so warm and welcoming!!


  1. awww im so excited for you and im not going to cry at the airport..... mumsyxxx