Friday, July 30, 2010

and what not..

Ah ok, So I feels like its been ages since I last wrote but it really hasnt been.

So I moved into my new family nearly a week ago. This time the move felt really weird. My last move, I moved next door. I was just changing the family not area.

I like this family. I find them alot like my own family at home. I've got two sisters now which is nice, and they are the sweetest girls. Theres a cute litte white kitten with gorgeous blue eyes that likes to sleep on my bed, Dad, I finally got that kitten! Haha! I just discovered that this family also has a million dvds and I have cable in my room- there goes the rest of the next three months here.

I went to tivoli also with them and their family, it was nice, very very very busy, I qued(?) for like an hour for a 3 minute ride.
I met some australians which was nice though.

After tivioli I caught a train to Roskilde to stay with my NZ friend. I spent 2 more days with her and then she stayed a night at mine. We just chilled watching tv most of the time but it was really nice. We also did a really good gym session.

I'm off to somerhus (summer house) with my 2nd family tomorrow for about a week. the weather has been really average lately. raining and such, I hope its not like that at the somerhus. It'll be good to see my 2nd family, I do miss them.

Not long til school starts back... not looking forward to being bored all day but it will be nice to see my danish friends and get some routine back.

The 'newbies' arrive tomorrow... will be nice to have some exchange students back...

other than that, I'm doing ok, just trying to make the most of it- not doing too good at it, but I'm trying :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

6 måned i Danmark!

January 23rd- Arrival.
February- First trip to Copenhagen

March- ROME!

April- Day Trips.

May- Euro Tour!!!

June- Somerferie (summerholidays)

July- Happy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

just lately..

so lately I've been chilling, havent been doing a great lot with my holidays but its been nice just to relax.
the weather is good, its like 25 degrees plus and its so hot at night. I'm not coping well with the heat, I'm going to struggle back in aus.
So hot weather means beach days, which is what I've done. I've been swimming in the ocean a few times and its really nice in. Well that was until i saw 6 crabs scuttle out of a bunch of seaweed the other day... now I'm a bit hestitant to get in.

I went to Cph to see Regina Spektor with my NZ friend. We met up with two other aussies from Jutland and had a great night out in Cph after. Regina was amazing and well worth it and the rest of the night out after was great too.

I've met Kat a few times for ice cream, but its just not the same without our oldies. Who by the way have all gone home. Just me and kat now..... so strange, so sad., so ughhh!

Also had a great night last night with kat and another aussie girl, was nice to just chill and talk.

My bus card ran out, I didnt realise, been using an expired bus card for the past 2 weeks and the bus drivers only just told me. Pretty lucky I wasnt on the train with it, could of got a nice little fine.

I cant sleep. Its too hot, its too light all the time and the thinking wont stop. driving me nuts.

Moving families soon, ahhh. I'm happy to move, but I do love this family. I like my room, my street, the view of the ocean from everywhere, the convenience of the station near by and the 'home' that this family has created for me throughout the past three months. 3 months isnt enough with one family.

I'm nearly up to half way, and just the other day I realised that in 6 months time I was going home. Its weird knowing I'm on the last half, I'd rather be a 'newbie'....then my oldies would come back..

..I want them back.

Monday, July 12, 2010

kids were fishing for crabs today.

i was wearing shorts and a singlet.

i had my thongs on.

i had mosquitoes eating at my arms and legs.

i was eating a bbq for dinner.

i had sand between my toes.

i watched the perfect o-shaped pinky-orangey sun set over the ocean.

and i watched little kids fish for crabs in the ocean today.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

we say..

'its not goodbye, it is only see you soon'

because thats what makes it ok.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

packed out camping grounds;florence+the machine;orange stage

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I've just got back from a four day festival in denmark.
It was totally amazing.
I worked in a restaurant and I got my ticket, food and drink all paid for so I was all set.

Roskilde Festival is one of europes biggest music festival and I feel so lucky that I got to go.
I worked alot which was a shame and I dont think I did it true festival style- went back to shower at a friends house. But I still saw all the things I wanted to see and had a great experience.
I've never seen anything quite like it. There was about 80,000 people there all from various places around the world. I got quite patriotic when I saw the aussie flag hanging above some tents!

Working was hard- stinking hot weather and I had four six hour shifts (reminded me of my kfc days). I thought I was going ok understanding danish but after working there I really have no idea. It was quite degrading actually. I'm sick of not understanding. I get so tired of trying that I'm seriously starting to give up. I know I shouldnt... but I just cant help it. I dont know how to fix it.
but back to the festival- I dont know what else to say other than it was totaly amazing and I loved it even though my feet were so sore from working long and walking back and fourth from places, even though it was stinking hot and even though there were so many people and it smelt like urine. I loved every moment and I'm just glad I got to be a part of it!