Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just thinking...

This is gunna be another big ramble of mine. apologies of its a little sketchy- but hey this is my journal.

Tonight I'm feeling a little homesick. I'm unsure why, but I'm just having one of those moments where a hug from mum would be nice right about now. I think maybe too, I'm just settling down from some big days (and its all about to start again tomorrow). I'm finally starting to process whats going on and what I'm feeling.
I have an uneasy feeling in my stomach, because I know things have changed again once more- and I'm just not ready to let go.
The goodbyes continue again tomorrow, I hate knowing that it could be forever. I could keep talking but its all in the previous post.

Seeing these people go home makes me wonder about being back home and what the hell I'm gunna do with my life after all this. Like seriously, how am I supposed to go back and be normal after seeing all this, after experiencing everything. I wish they understood that.

I'm really tired too, which isnt helping. Its been so hot here. Been laying on the beach all day with my friends- guess I have a bit of sunstroke too.
It was so nice though. We didnt get in the water, little bit too cold.

I should stop writing now, try to make my brain stop. I need to get a good nights sleep because tomorrow I'm off to Roskilde Festival for 4 days. Going to be a BIG 4 days.
Will keep you posted on how goes!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I said the second one of goodbyes to one of my oldies (exchange students that had been in dk 6 months before us). A week earlier I said goodbye to one of my brazilian friends also. And next week I also have a few more. Saying goodbye to my oldies is even harder than saying goodbye to my family for 12 months. I know I will see my family again.... I have no idea when I will see these guys again. I can say I plan to visit them- which I do. But who knows what will happen and how life will get in the way.

My oldies- especially my family at Slagelse gymnasium have truly touched me and have impacted my life so muchly here. They welcomed us two aussies with open arms and showed us the ropes of being an exchange student. Joao showed us where to shop. Maria became our mum. Maya sung to us. Erica laughed with us. Guodoa showed us beauty. Kaho showed us style. Mate and Frede showed us friendship and Adriana inspried us how to be unqiuely amazing. Life will not be the same without these people in it and I'm so glad for their friendship and understanding. Sometimes I feel these days that the only people that get me are the exchange students. No one quite understands what we go through. Yes, we live the life and maybe our biggest decisions we make are whether we should skip class or whats for lunch- but its hard when your alone, its hard when you spend all day in your head, when the people that normally would understand you are thousands of miles away. So, I'm so greatful for these guys being there, for supporting me, for showing some understanding and some love when no one else could.

Even though they havent left yet, they still have a week or two. I wont see some of them again.

So Thanks Guys, for making my first five months here so amazing and memorable.

In other news, I've just been living the holidays. I've been back and fourth from Roskilde visiting a friend and staying around Korsoer.

It was Sankt Hans Dag, last wednesday... its a holiday where they burn a big bonfire and put a witch on it to commemorate (?) the time when thousands of women 'witches' were burnt in dk a long long time ago. My Host family had a few friends around and we went down to the beach to see if there was a fire being lit but there wasnt. I was a bit dissapointed but I did find some happiness when a little ten year old girl came to talk to me. She was so excited and was very good at english I must say. I had a nice time with her showing her aussie things. Today she came to my room and gave me a photo frame with some little drawings, my rotary card and some pics of her. Little cutie!!

Other than that, things have been good here. Weather is beautiful and I'm happy just chilling. I have ROSKILDE FESTIVAL next week and I'm SOOO excited!! Should be really good. 4 days of hardly any sleep. WooHoo!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

daisies daisies everywhere..

there are so many here now, its so beautiful- but what got me was the size of them!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Everyday, I miss home a little more,
Everyday, I ask myself what the hell am I doing this for?
Everyday, A little bit more of me changes,

Everyday, I remind myself this is what I've always wanted.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

so i'm back..

back from some of the most amazing 18 days of my life. Euro tour was such a whirlwind adventure and a dream come true for me. As much as I loved every minute of the countries and sights we saw there was also something else quite magical about it, that only really clicked on the bus ride back to Dk. The 70 odd exchange students are the ones that made this experience unforgettable. Unless you're an exchange student you wont get it, but theres nothing like wordly love.

So where I went.

We left Dk and took a ferry to Germany where we drove to Berlin. We stayed in this dodgy part of town which had me fearing for my thing. The first night I stayed with 8 lovely girls with whom I grew alot closer to throughout the trip.

We explored Germany like tourists. I touched the berlin wall, saw check point charlie and gawked at all the monuments. I was a little let down by Berlin though, I'm not sure why but I just didnt love it. It was dirty, the people werent too nice and I just felt unsafe and uneasy. However, I am so greatful that I was there.

After Berlin we drove to Prague. Our first real day of driving and our bus broke. We had to go slowly so we were way behind schedule. We only got about 45 mins in the concentrate camp in czech republic which I felt wasnt enough time.

The concentration camp had so much energy. I was quite spooked out by the whole thing but I thought it was something important I should see.

We finally arrived at Prague and stayed in a 4 star hotel which impressed everyone. The next day we went off to explore and got free time. I had a really nice time with my friends and Prague is a lovely place but it was another place where I did not feel safe. I hate how people pray tourists and that exactly what happened. Alot of my friends got fined for things which they shouldnt have.

From Prague we moved to Vienna. Austria is a beautiful place.. we stopped at lake for lunch and it was so gorgeous with all the mountains behind. We ended getting late to Vienna so we didnt have much time there. We had a city tour that night then we went back to the hostel in the mountains. The next day we saw more of the city and I just LOVE Vienna! That night alot of kids went to a concert but I went back to the hostel then went back into town later.

The next day we made our to Lido de jeslo where we would be staying for 3 days.

Lido was a lovely little place. I forgot what swimming in the ocean was like. Luckily the warm weather came out so the beach was lovely. We went to Venice- my absolute dream!! and I was not dissapointed at all! Everything was so so perfect about it. We had a cheeky gondola driver (?) that sang to us, the weather was amazing, the ice cream was delicious and the scenary was incredible. Venice was my favourite place on euro tour.

After Venice we drove to San Remo just before France. We visitied Verona where Romeo and Juliets balcony is and then to Monaco which was a very picturesque place. We went to Nice, and it was stinking hot. The drive from Italy into France would have been the worst drive but most beautiful. The scenary was just amazing and I'm so glad we got up extra early every morning so we could bags the best spot on the bus.
Once in France we stayed in Avignon, Its a gorgeous place and its sad we didnt get alot of time there. We went and saw the Roman Aquaduct (acient water race) and it was nice just dipping our feet in the water. From Avignon we drove to Paris.

Paris, Paris, Paris... where do I start... another dream come true for me!!
From the moment I saw the Eiffel Tower beaming over france on the bus.. I had another moment. Its so hard to comprehend what I'm actually doing over here. Everything is so new and most of the time you dont get time to realise what it is thats actually going on. But in Paris, I did.
We spent a day in Paris doing a city tour and a river cruise which again was beautiful. Then after myself and another girl went to the Arch de Triumph. We caught the metro Montamarte, where I wrote on the Je t'aime wall and then we walked to Sacre de Couer. It was quite scary as it was getting late- I realised I should of worn pants that day! That night I also went to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower. It was amazing!! a little bit sad because this is something I would of loved to have shared with my loved ones... but spending it with my exchange friends I do not regret at all.
The next day we went fully up again, so so so much better. I loved looking out all over Paris.
I went to the Louvre later that day to see Mona Lisa and also to Notre Dame.
We had to leave sadly the next day... but the happiness I felt in Paris, I cannot begin to explain.

Paris to Brussels. We arrived very late and we didnt have alot of time there. I went and had the best chinese of my life- Maybe a little better than Bgo! and I had a lovely night with 4 darling girls. The next day we were off to Amsterdam- the last night in out 18 day journey.

Amsterdam was a nice place and it was such a shame that it rained the whole time. We had a lovely canal tour. I went and got coffee and cake with some girls and we then went and saw a little bit of the Red Light District. After that we had a three hour drive to Arnhem where our hostel was.

The final day was quite strange. I was sad and happy. After 18 days all I was craving was my bed, my shower, decent food, the buzz of my little brothers around the house and a good internet connection. But saying that I could of kept touring. Saying goodbye to this amazing experience was hard... saying goodbye to the people that have made it was even harder. Even though I will see some of these people again.

Euro Tour has put another twist in my life. I'm in a completely different mindset than I was 18 days ago. I have just fulfilled one of my main dreams in life... its scary to think where I'll go from here. I dont know whats next, I dont know where I'm going or whats happening anymore after this year but what I know is that I dont have to deal with that yet.

Thankyou so much to bus three for making this what it was.. thankyou to my danish rotary club who have been very generous towards my trip and my parents- I love you, one day I will take you back to this.