Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I said the second one of goodbyes to one of my oldies (exchange students that had been in dk 6 months before us). A week earlier I said goodbye to one of my brazilian friends also. And next week I also have a few more. Saying goodbye to my oldies is even harder than saying goodbye to my family for 12 months. I know I will see my family again.... I have no idea when I will see these guys again. I can say I plan to visit them- which I do. But who knows what will happen and how life will get in the way.

My oldies- especially my family at Slagelse gymnasium have truly touched me and have impacted my life so muchly here. They welcomed us two aussies with open arms and showed us the ropes of being an exchange student. Joao showed us where to shop. Maria became our mum. Maya sung to us. Erica laughed with us. Guodoa showed us beauty. Kaho showed us style. Mate and Frede showed us friendship and Adriana inspried us how to be unqiuely amazing. Life will not be the same without these people in it and I'm so glad for their friendship and understanding. Sometimes I feel these days that the only people that get me are the exchange students. No one quite understands what we go through. Yes, we live the life and maybe our biggest decisions we make are whether we should skip class or whats for lunch- but its hard when your alone, its hard when you spend all day in your head, when the people that normally would understand you are thousands of miles away. So, I'm so greatful for these guys being there, for supporting me, for showing some understanding and some love when no one else could.

Even though they havent left yet, they still have a week or two. I wont see some of them again.

So Thanks Guys, for making my first five months here so amazing and memorable.

In other news, I've just been living the holidays. I've been back and fourth from Roskilde visiting a friend and staying around Korsoer.

It was Sankt Hans Dag, last wednesday... its a holiday where they burn a big bonfire and put a witch on it to commemorate (?) the time when thousands of women 'witches' were burnt in dk a long long time ago. My Host family had a few friends around and we went down to the beach to see if there was a fire being lit but there wasnt. I was a bit dissapointed but I did find some happiness when a little ten year old girl came to talk to me. She was so excited and was very good at english I must say. I had a nice time with her showing her aussie things. Today she came to my room and gave me a photo frame with some little drawings, my rotary card and some pics of her. Little cutie!!

Other than that, things have been good here. Weather is beautiful and I'm happy just chilling. I have ROSKILDE FESTIVAL next week and I'm SOOO excited!! Should be really good. 4 days of hardly any sleep. WooHoo!!!


  1. How wonderful Charlie that you have made such wonderful and close friends in Denmark...must be so sad to see them go :(...there is always skype, not the same I know but something...
    The festival next week sounds like FUN...

  2. i can imagine that you would be bit sad to say goodbye to your friends but im sure youll find a way to keep in touch...
    thank you so much for all my birthday pressies and wishes, i love you xoxoxoxo