Monday, August 30, 2010

i'm getting used to seeing this everyday, i'm getting used to the water, i'm getting used to seeing so much colour in everything.

feeling so....

at the moment i think i'm having a bit of a writers block.
i dont know, i've been doing lots lately.. i just cant put it down.. nothings flowing.
i've stopped writing in my diary.

but anywho... i'm just gunna say some random things just to get it out.
so i've been with my new family about a month now, i'm really enjoying it. its different to my other families- i mean every family is different...or maybe i'm just different now.

school is ok, bit boring, can actually understand now if i really listen... but i get too tired so its easier to skype or blog haha
also having 3 lessons of dansk a week now... the new exchange teacher said she wants the new ones to fit in easier.... where was this 7 months ago??
poor kat and i got taught nothing!

the new exchangers seem fun, we've had a bit to do with them... theres only 4 rotary, but that doesnt matter.

i went to a middle age festival the other day with my first host mum. it was a really nice day!! just wandered around looking at all the things, saw some nice music, watched a circus and got a characture drawn. looks like mum, she'll love that. i love that!

denmarks weather is just crazy. its like sunny one minute and then raining the next. i've come home from school soaked so many times!! its also starting to get colder... which sucks... coz i'm terrified of winter.

i went to golf with my rotary club a sunday ago. another cazy day of weather! i've never really had much to do with golf... only mini golf at school camps or at the shows. so it was really interesting, i can see why its a sport. i dont think i'd be any good at golf tho, dont really have any arm strength and i HATE to stand. i was there all day and after the game we had a nice dinner and some awards... my club gave me 500kr ($100AU) just because they had some left over money. my club are so good to me! i really appreciate them!

so i have a feeling september is going to fly- this weekend my host fam are taking me out on a boat, the next i have a rotary get together and katrinas birthday, week after i'm meeting my new family and going to Moen with Marianne. and then finally the weekend after i'm going to LONDON!

i'm so excited for london!!

its soo strange.. the months come and then just like that they're gone...each day is another day closer to coming home...
i dont know what i feel about that anymore... i dont think about it as much as i used to. i think about being back with my friends and family and thats what i cant wait for.. but the rest of it... i dont know.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


well i've been back at school for a week now.

its really strange without the old exchangies. I miss them.
The new ones are nice though. Theres 11 of them. Katrina and I made a video for them....It was weird standing up and telling them advice, its weird being the experienced one. I still feel new at all of this.
Just when you get settled here something changes it all again.

I dont have many classes at school, so thats good and every 2nd friday I have np classes on my schedule. Hellooo long weekend :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

first day back.

it was my first day back at school today after three months.

i walked in the doors and it all seemed so unfamiliar again, like i was starting back in january!

the exchange student table was empty, it looked wrong. It should of had someone there, on their laptop, eating chips.

it just made me realise all over again that my oldies were gone.

but the day was ok, it was good to see my danish friends after so long. i only had two classes.

it pissed down raining and i got soaked on the walk home.

i looked like a drowned rat.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new chapter begins.


today it hit me that a new part of my exchange has begun.

when I got here I divided the year into parts, to help me get through... things to look forward to, goals to keep me on track...I developed them to make value my time here when sometimes I felt I couldnt.

At first it was Rome Trip, then May (I picked may because I knew that was the time in Dk that I'd feel more settled.). May came around and my next thing was Euro Tour after that it was Roskilde Festival and then it was Summer house with my Host families. All have those have come just as quickly as they've gone- time flies when your having fun!

and now, I'm starting a new chapter,

moved into a new family- a new area

my oldies have gone

and the newbies have arrived- met mine yesterday!

the three month holiday that seemed like forever has ended.

and finaly dansk- I've been here for nearly 7 months, I have no excuse to not be speaking it.

I'm sad that, that part of my exchange is over, is just good memories now. It kills me knowing that I cant go back, that I cant have those times back, those people, those moments.

But it just means I have to make more, I have to make those moments again, the moments of extreme happiness and fufillment. The moments of laughter and joy.

So bring the new chapter, bring the new excitement, bring the good and bring the bad times.

Bring the new memories.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

west coast

so I've just got back from a week away on the west coast of denmark.

I went with my 2nd family and all their families. It was a nice trip, and I enjoyed the time to relax and see another part of Dk.

The house we stayed in was really big- well it had to be with like 6 families living there. It had everything- pool, spa, sauna, games etc, but most importantly it was about 200m from the beach.

The beach was big and sandy, just like australian beaches and it had lots of waves, I had a stab of homesickness when I climbed through the dunes and had my first look at it. I felt at home. It took me all week to finally get in, the weather was around 20 degrees but it was much warmer in the water. I love swimming in the ocean, I love the waves how they take you back and fourth. I felt so safe.

We did alot of day trips to towns around the area, I saw some great galleries- ceramic, paintings, glass. I also visited a light house and a fishing town/market place (which made me want to vomit, I cant stand fish).

I had a great week and I felt like it was a nice way to finish off my time with my 2nd family, I've been with them for mostly the holidays so I spent alot of time away from home... Its sad to leave them because I really adore them but saying goodbye is part of exchange. Just the way it goes.