Sunday, August 8, 2010

west coast

so I've just got back from a week away on the west coast of denmark.

I went with my 2nd family and all their families. It was a nice trip, and I enjoyed the time to relax and see another part of Dk.

The house we stayed in was really big- well it had to be with like 6 families living there. It had everything- pool, spa, sauna, games etc, but most importantly it was about 200m from the beach.

The beach was big and sandy, just like australian beaches and it had lots of waves, I had a stab of homesickness when I climbed through the dunes and had my first look at it. I felt at home. It took me all week to finally get in, the weather was around 20 degrees but it was much warmer in the water. I love swimming in the ocean, I love the waves how they take you back and fourth. I felt so safe.

We did alot of day trips to towns around the area, I saw some great galleries- ceramic, paintings, glass. I also visited a light house and a fishing town/market place (which made me want to vomit, I cant stand fish).

I had a great week and I felt like it was a nice way to finish off my time with my 2nd family, I've been with them for mostly the holidays so I spent alot of time away from home... Its sad to leave them because I really adore them but saying goodbye is part of exchange. Just the way it goes.

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  1. you should post your thong photo,i loved that one!

    gald you had a good time, all rested up for schoool!lol love you mumze