Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new chapter begins.


today it hit me that a new part of my exchange has begun.

when I got here I divided the year into parts, to help me get through... things to look forward to, goals to keep me on track...I developed them to make value my time here when sometimes I felt I couldnt.

At first it was Rome Trip, then May (I picked may because I knew that was the time in Dk that I'd feel more settled.). May came around and my next thing was Euro Tour after that it was Roskilde Festival and then it was Summer house with my Host families. All have those have come just as quickly as they've gone- time flies when your having fun!

and now, I'm starting a new chapter,

moved into a new family- a new area

my oldies have gone

and the newbies have arrived- met mine yesterday!

the three month holiday that seemed like forever has ended.

and finaly dansk- I've been here for nearly 7 months, I have no excuse to not be speaking it.

I'm sad that, that part of my exchange is over, is just good memories now. It kills me knowing that I cant go back, that I cant have those times back, those people, those moments.

But it just means I have to make more, I have to make those moments again, the moments of extreme happiness and fufillment. The moments of laughter and joy.

So bring the new chapter, bring the new excitement, bring the good and bring the bad times.

Bring the new memories.

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  1. go for it girlie, and what you will have be memories and a belief in yourself for ever and ever...mumzxoxoxo