Thursday, November 25, 2010

latest little light bulb moment.

ok, so here it is.. my latest little epiphany. now when I say this it is gunna seem a little naive and silly that I've only just realized this now but I guess its sign I'm growing up right?

so, when I left Aus I thought the reason I was happy was because of the people in my life, where I was etc. and it was, when you're surrounded by people that love you, that make you smile and laugh- it makes you happy.
But then I came to Dk. All of those people were on the other side of the world.. the place I loved- my comfort zone was gone. And I just thought, that I would have a good year here.. but I honestly didnt believe I would find the love- the HAPPINESS that I had in Aus.

But, just like that, the other night I realized how happy and in love with this place and these people I am and I realized that yes, they make me happy, but its what I have chosen to do with my year. The minute I let go of Aus and let Dk in, thats when I found my happiness.

And knowing this... knowing that I can be happy- truly happy and in love wherever I am in the world makes me a little less concerned to come home. As long as I choose to be happy... as long as I choose to let it all in.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


OH and its started snowing!

*insert swear word* cold though!!

but hoping for a white christmas

cross your fingers :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

little taste of xmas...

^^mine :)

ok so tonight we started our xmas decorations a little early because I am off to ireland on friday and wont be back til the start of december. so we made these things called julkoration (spelling maybe a lidt off) and basically you get a plate/basket and put clay in it, stick a candle and then create like a little wreath thing. you use all sorts of cute goodies to decorate. so much fun, we make wreaths in aus, but this was a little different and so much fun. xmas here will be so much fun I think!! I'm so excited already!

p.s I am going to be very busy the next two weeks and I don't think its going to stop until january 14th.
OH, and I'm going to get super fat as I have about 5 xmas dinners in the one week and in between all that there;ll be plenty more xmas delicacies for me to smager! (taste).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I swear everytime I go to write here and I look at the date its nearing the end of another month.

I dont really have to much to say. I've just been busying myself with daily life. I'm super busy now, I've had to start a little calendar so i can keep track of things.

last weekend I spent the night in roskilde and then came home to go to a christmas market with my third family. it was a really good day, so nice to catch up. it reminded me of going to the markets at home with mum and there was so much christmas stuff about. I didnt feel homesick at all so i'm guessing thats a good sign for the impending christmas day.

one of the first exchange students left just a few days ago, I wasn't that close to him but alot of my friends were. its strange to have people enter your life so quickly, become such a part of it and then leave just like that. its strange knowing that we may never see them again.
I guess I've been through all this when the oldies left... but its just, these guys here feel like my true friends these days and its just going to be weird not having them there everyday when I get home.

Monday, November 8, 2010

just chilling, just living, just loving.

So I've just had a four lovely days with my two aussie girls.

We've just ate, slept, watched movies, danced and talked but it was a really great weekend.

I really love times like this, its so hard to imagine I wont be with these people next year.

I've also just moved into my new family. Last move. I'm really enjoying my new family, they're an upbeat family and I feel happy here. I do miss my old family though, I miss my sisters and having tea with them.

I'm so happy here at the moment, DK is just beautiful and I'm surrounded by the most wonderful people. Everyone I've met here I have so much respect for and I just love them so much.

Everyone has just welcomed me into their life and accepted me for me and because of this I'm so much more accepting.

I've found some sort of peace with everything I guess...the girl that was angry with the world is just about gone.
change is the essence of life; be willing to surrender who you are for what you could become.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

..and so we welcome November.

So its November and I'm ten months into my exchange with two and a half months left.

One moment its January and I'm stepping off a plane into minus five, wondering what the hell I'm doing here and next thing I know I'm sitting here in November, wondering what the hell I'm going to do with my life after the next two and a half months.