Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I swear everytime I go to write here and I look at the date its nearing the end of another month.

I dont really have to much to say. I've just been busying myself with daily life. I'm super busy now, I've had to start a little calendar so i can keep track of things.

last weekend I spent the night in roskilde and then came home to go to a christmas market with my third family. it was a really good day, so nice to catch up. it reminded me of going to the markets at home with mum and there was so much christmas stuff about. I didnt feel homesick at all so i'm guessing thats a good sign for the impending christmas day.

one of the first exchange students left just a few days ago, I wasn't that close to him but alot of my friends were. its strange to have people enter your life so quickly, become such a part of it and then leave just like that. its strange knowing that we may never see them again.
I guess I've been through all this when the oldies left... but its just, these guys here feel like my true friends these days and its just going to be weird not having them there everyday when I get home.

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