Thursday, November 25, 2010

latest little light bulb moment.

ok, so here it is.. my latest little epiphany. now when I say this it is gunna seem a little naive and silly that I've only just realized this now but I guess its sign I'm growing up right?

so, when I left Aus I thought the reason I was happy was because of the people in my life, where I was etc. and it was, when you're surrounded by people that love you, that make you smile and laugh- it makes you happy.
But then I came to Dk. All of those people were on the other side of the world.. the place I loved- my comfort zone was gone. And I just thought, that I would have a good year here.. but I honestly didnt believe I would find the love- the HAPPINESS that I had in Aus.

But, just like that, the other night I realized how happy and in love with this place and these people I am and I realized that yes, they make me happy, but its what I have chosen to do with my year. The minute I let go of Aus and let Dk in, thats when I found my happiness.

And knowing this... knowing that I can be happy- truly happy and in love wherever I am in the world makes me a little less concerned to come home. As long as I choose to be happy... as long as I choose to let it all in.

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  1. You are wise beyond your years Charlie :)))
    ...and so beautifully said...

    Jenny x