Tuesday, November 23, 2010

little taste of xmas...

^^mine :)

ok so tonight we started our xmas decorations a little early because I am off to ireland on friday and wont be back til the start of december. so we made these things called julkoration (spelling maybe a lidt off) and basically you get a plate/basket and put clay in it, stick a candle and then create like a little wreath thing. you use all sorts of cute goodies to decorate. so much fun, we make wreaths in aus, but this was a little different and so much fun. xmas here will be so much fun I think!! I'm so excited already!

p.s I am going to be very busy the next two weeks and I don't think its going to stop until january 14th.
OH, and I'm going to get super fat as I have about 5 xmas dinners in the one week and in between all that there;ll be plenty more xmas delicacies for me to smager! (taste).

1 comment:

  1. haha, you better try and get to the gym !

    love your wreaths...

    have a great trip to Ireland xoxoxoxox