Monday, November 8, 2010

just chilling, just living, just loving.

So I've just had a four lovely days with my two aussie girls.

We've just ate, slept, watched movies, danced and talked but it was a really great weekend.

I really love times like this, its so hard to imagine I wont be with these people next year.

I've also just moved into my new family. Last move. I'm really enjoying my new family, they're an upbeat family and I feel happy here. I do miss my old family though, I miss my sisters and having tea with them.

I'm so happy here at the moment, DK is just beautiful and I'm surrounded by the most wonderful people. Everyone I've met here I have so much respect for and I just love them so much.

Everyone has just welcomed me into their life and accepted me for me and because of this I'm so much more accepting.

I've found some sort of peace with everything I guess...the girl that was angry with the world is just about gone.

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