Monday, October 25, 2010

Soooo... October, where have you gone?

Again, I cant believe I'm nearing the end of another month here. Where is it all going?

  • I've been busy busy this month!!
    I started off with my London trip- which was AMAZING, but we know that already.
  • I crossed another thing off my wishlist- LegoLand, but we know about that too.
  • I had my danish friends friends 18th. That was alot of fun. It was good to chill with my class again. It was alice in wonderland themed so I went as the rabbit. I wasnt very rabbity looking but it was fun all the same. There was a great band there, they were all about our age and they were so so so talented!
  • I've had a few nights out in CPH with some exchange friends and I've had some really nice nights in with my host family.
  • Efteraars Ferie has just ended (which is a one week school holiday). During the week I went to CPH and ticked another thing off mywishlist- A Canal Tour in CPH. My host family and some of their family came and I had a great day with them. The tour was nice, We went down Ny Havn- which is like a famous street in CPH and then we went out a little to where the little mermaid should be if china hadnt taken her and past all the army areas. After CPH, we picked my exchange friend up in Roskilde and she stayed foor 4 days. We had so much fun just chilling. We danced around the house all night and brought out our inner child for a few days! So much fun!
  • My Rotary Club also went to a meeting on a small island calle Sprogø. Its an island between sjaelland and fyn and the bridge connects in the middle. It used to be an island where they shipped all the naughty girls but now its just a lighthouse and someone lives there. It was really dark and windy, we could fall into the wind and stay up! It was really pretty though with the bridge and the lights and the night sky. I wish my camera could of captured it.

And bewteen all of that I've been going to some school, danish lessons and chilling with friends. Its been a great month, and its about to get better- I have a rotary camp this weekend, I'm meeting a new family (sad to say goodbye to this one though!! :(), A trip to Ireland and Sweden! :)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

here and there

So lately I've been coming to some realisations- I will never be able to combine Danish world and Australia World. It sucks, but its just the way it goes.

Australia doesnt understand me because they dont see what I do here everyday and Denmark wont understand me when I'm in Australia because they dont see what I go through there.

I am always going to have these two lives, these two worlds and there will always be this barrier between here and there but as a very smart girl said to me just before we will always go through different things but it shouldnt change what we have in both worlds.

It took me a long time to finally be happy here, to accept my life here and stop trying to be in Australia and I am not going to apologise or feel guilty for living my dream- for being HAPPY.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lego Land!

A few weeks ago I went to Lego Land on Jutland with Katrina.

Lego Land was on mine and Katrinas wishlists for Dk and Kats club took her so I got to tag along.

We got a private tour of a gallery and also the production zone. We got to see lego pieces that will be out in 2011/12.

After we went inside the park. There was lego models of everything. It was more for children but it was so cool! Kat and I went on all the little rides and took a million pics of all the models.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

the hardest thing to do is leaving your comfort zone.
but you have to let go of the life your familiar with and take the risk to live the life you've dreamt about.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back from the land of understanding- London

I've just got back from my five day tour to London with my class.
London was a breath of fresh air for me. Not only was it like a childhood dream to go it but it was also a small 'light bulb' moment of what life will be like back in Australia.
It was so nice to hear people speaking english again. Even though I use english everyday- I havent yet adopted danish. I had forgotten what it was like to be spoken as a first language. I could sit on train and eavesdrop. I could read signs. I could walk into stores and not have to think of how to ask for help and most importantly I could interact freely with the people around me.
London also reminded me a little of Melbourne- definitely a million times better though.
I also found alot of australian goodies while I was there. I got so excited by cadbury chocolate, starburst, vitamin water, salt and vinegar chips, baked beans, fish n chips, pies and rectangular pillows- my friends had to tell me to calm down!!
(needless to say I was feasting that week)
I got to see all the touristy things like Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Plce and all the various names that you see on a monopoly board.
We went on a Jack the Ripper tour at night. We went to all the locations of his murders... it was quite spooky and gruesome... but an intersting story!
I had a great time with my class. It had been quite a while since I'd last hung out with them and it was so nice. The girls are so sweet and they really try with me. They spoke danish with me most of the time and I was able to understand!
During the hours of free time we got I managed to catch a train out to meet my grandfathers sister Jane.
Words cannot describe how great that was. I never planned to see her while I was there.. it just happened when mum gave me the number. It was such an unexpected lovely surprise to my trip.
We had some lovely chats together and it was so great to see the place that my Grandfather and parents love so much. We only spent a few hour together as I had to get back but I'm just so happy that I got to meet her.
It rained the whole time we were in London, I was a little dissapointed but as mum said to me- it wouldnt be England with out rain!
London is a beautiful place, it never stops.. go go go... and even though I was only a tourist for 5 days I felt just at home there.
I'd just like to wish my gorgeous Dad a Happy Birthday... I miss our late night chats and your big hugs. I'll be seeing you soon... I believe its under a hundred days now. xoxoxo
(p.s I'm sorry if there wasnt much content in this blog. I'm finding it hard to write these days. I can describe things very well. everything is either lovely or amazing...but I did have a lovely- there I go again, time in London and I wish I could find the words to describe how it really was)