Monday, October 25, 2010

Soooo... October, where have you gone?

Again, I cant believe I'm nearing the end of another month here. Where is it all going?

  • I've been busy busy this month!!
    I started off with my London trip- which was AMAZING, but we know that already.
  • I crossed another thing off my wishlist- LegoLand, but we know about that too.
  • I had my danish friends friends 18th. That was alot of fun. It was good to chill with my class again. It was alice in wonderland themed so I went as the rabbit. I wasnt very rabbity looking but it was fun all the same. There was a great band there, they were all about our age and they were so so so talented!
  • I've had a few nights out in CPH with some exchange friends and I've had some really nice nights in with my host family.
  • Efteraars Ferie has just ended (which is a one week school holiday). During the week I went to CPH and ticked another thing off mywishlist- A Canal Tour in CPH. My host family and some of their family came and I had a great day with them. The tour was nice, We went down Ny Havn- which is like a famous street in CPH and then we went out a little to where the little mermaid should be if china hadnt taken her and past all the army areas. After CPH, we picked my exchange friend up in Roskilde and she stayed foor 4 days. We had so much fun just chilling. We danced around the house all night and brought out our inner child for a few days! So much fun!
  • My Rotary Club also went to a meeting on a small island calle Sprogø. Its an island between sjaelland and fyn and the bridge connects in the middle. It used to be an island where they shipped all the naughty girls but now its just a lighthouse and someone lives there. It was really dark and windy, we could fall into the wind and stay up! It was really pretty though with the bridge and the lights and the night sky. I wish my camera could of captured it.

And bewteen all of that I've been going to some school, danish lessons and chilling with friends. Its been a great month, and its about to get better- I have a rotary camp this weekend, I'm meeting a new family (sad to say goodbye to this one though!! :(), A trip to Ireland and Sweden! :)


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