Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I happen to believe the world will change only when we change ourselves. And that starts with finding ourselves. And that starts with listening to ourselves: learning to quiet the clamor in our minds and the voices of everyone around us and move toward what feels right- towards the things we know, for reasons we can’t explain, that we’re meant to do, the things that make us feel alive.
Kelly Cutrone - If You Have To Cry Go Outside, And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You

Saturday, December 25, 2010

there's a first time for everything, ik'?

This christmas season was a months of firsts. My first ever christmas away from home, first danish christmas, first real christmas tree, first celebration on the 24th and first WHITE christmas!

In denmark they celebrate christmas on the 24th evening. We spent the whole day visiting people eating coffee and cake. I came home for a short nap, and then started the christmas festivities!
We stayed at home and had most of the family there. Ate traditional dansk food. Such as meat (duck, pork) and potatoes and for dessert ris a'lamande (however you spell it)- basically a rice and almond pudding. We then sang dansk christmas songs and danced around the tree. After we sat down and exchanged presents.

I had such a lovely night, it was a very different, but beautiful christmas. I had a skype with my family (xmas morning there 25th) but after that I went on to play danish pictionary with my host siblings.
I had a brief moment of missing home but it passed, I'm surrounded with so many lovely people- I'm just loving every mo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


.. so tonight I went round to Per and Mariannes (my counsellor and his wife) and I had a hygge night with them. We ate dinner, I helped Marianne decorate the christmas tree and after we did the danish thing with tea and desserts. I also popped around to my 3rd family (who live next door) to give them their christmas pressies and wish them a merry christmas.
But anyway, I'll get on with my point. I had a lovely night tonight and it was tonight when it hit me how lucky I've been this year. Per asked me what the rotary club should do to make it better, or if there is anything they should change etc. and I realised that there wasn't anything I was unhappy with (maybe the danish language lessons- but that wasn't their fault). and I know it sounds totally un-cool to be saying this, because some people just think I'm being a suck up. But I'm honestly so thankful everything Rotary (Korosoer Nor Club) has done for me this year. I have a great counsellor- whom I have a good relationship with, I have had 4 great families, the club has been so generous towards me (money wise!), they've let me travel, they dont check up on my school BUT most of all they've let me experience. They've let me be a teenager, they've trusted me and they've let me live my year.
So, I'm thankful to my club- to the people that have organised my exchange, because without them I would not of had this year.
and its as simple as that.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

not real?

it doesn't feel like I'm going 'home' in 3 weeks.... doesn't feel real at all. this is not what I expected. not at all.

Friday, December 17, 2010

so we have snow... and lots of it.

I let it go. It’s like swimming against the current. It exhausts you. After a while, whoever you are, you just have to let go, and the river brings you home.

-joanne harris

Sunday, December 12, 2010

moment in the frozen food section in the supermarket.

So here we go again, another one of my moments. like the moment/realizations of what I'm actually doing this year. This realization wasn't so good, but much needed all the same. Lately- with the impending issue of going home, I've needed a bit of a kick in the butt to wake up and realize that this bubble I've been living in for the past 324 days or 46 weeks will be popped in about a month and I'll be back home to Australia- things have changed, that I wont be picking up where I left off and this life here cant continue on into my 'old' one.

So, just a few days ago I was in Lidl with Stace and Kat trying to find something for lunch. We were standing over the frozen food section (looking for something to use in the schools microwave) and I was looking at all the foods and I said to Stace- ' this reminds me of summer here, being hungover digging through your freezer for food'. and I know it sounds like a silly memory, but that just clicked everything I felt that summer, everything I felt in that moment. So just like that I got it. That was then. Just a few months ago, but long enough ago for it to feel like another life time. And a little part of me ached knowing that I cant go back to that. That, the part of my exchange that felt like forever is over.
I want to stay in these moments forever.... the moments where I have found my true friends, found happiness in strange moments, found understanding, found peace and sense of self.
And I know, I know, I'm an exchange student, I've kinda had to get used to change.. the whole process ( I mean every 3 months my life got up rooted and I'd start again).. but this change I'm not ready for... This change is unwelcome. I'm happy, in my zone, I'm not ready to ache again.

So I get it, its time to go home.. to say goodbye and to start a new phase of my life. I accept that now... but I just...I just miss those times and I will spend forever missing those times.

(so sorry if this all scrambled and doesn't make sense. my writing/english has gone out the window this year)


Because that’s what life is about. It’s about the time when you lay in the grass next to those you love. It’s about the color of the sky. It’s about a roaring fire on a winters evening. You’ve got to realize that everybody bleeds, and that everybody hurts. Everybody laughs, and everybody smiles. That’s what it’s all about. That’s all it is. There is no set meaning of life, there is nothing that can be defined, or written. It’s a matter of sculpting your very own definition.

Monday, December 6, 2010

so, so, so, so...

soooo... I guess its time I put in a little update.

So about a week ago I was staying with my lovely cousins in Ireland.
I have not seen Cathy and Ciaran since I was about 7 I think- we worked this out after they told me a story of how me and my sister spontaneously graced them with one of our dance shows and I figured this must of been in my dancing days.

So anywho, Ireland... I was supposed to get into Dublin at 6pm but when I got to CPH airport my direct flight was cancelled- because of the weather AND because they couldnt staff the flight!!... so they got me onto a flight to frankfurt and said with any luck I could get a connecting dublin from there but they didnt know what the weather was like in frankfurt so they didnt know what would happen with my flight. I went anyway, plane was supposed to board at 4pm didnt board til 5pm, sat on the plane til 7pm and finally got to frankfurt around 9. luckily my flight to dublin wasnt cancelled but we didnt board til 11pm and then sat on the plane for a furthur 2 hours waiting for the de-ice machine to show up. arrived in dublin ar 1.30am 7 and a half hours late.

so by the time I got back to cathy and ciarans it was about 3 am, and we just wanted to sleep. understandably.
the next day there was so much snow. Ireland doesnt normally have snow, so they dont know what to do about it. the whole place just shuts down. So we spent the morning making a snowman (who coinicidently turned out to look like dad) and played around in the snow. we went and got lunch and I saw a little bit of where they live.

Sunday was spent in another town not too far from where they live. we took the train and had the most gorgeous scenic route along the coast.

on the Monday we braved the snow and went into Dublin. we took a hop on, hop off city tour bus and it was the perfect way to see Dublin. it wasnt much of a day for walking do it was nice to just sit and see. we got off at the guiness factory. that was super fun and I recommend it for anyone who goes to Dublin. at the very top of the factory is this room called the 'gravity lounge' or something and it has this amazing view over Dublin. the light of the sky was a perfect blue and the there was snow on all the roof tops and it was just gorgeous!!

and my last day, Tuesday. we had to be up early and fingers crossed I could get my plane back to cph with no worries. I had a three hour stopover in zurich and it was all fine with no worries thank goodness.

I had such a great time in Ireland. It was so hard to get out and do things because of the weather but that didnt phase me. I was there to see my beautiful cousins and my gorgeous 7 month old 2nd cousin! I miss them already, and hopefully in a few years I'll see them again. Like my other cousin said, I'll be back.

being in Ireland also made me realise how much my english has gone down hill this year. I had five days of guilt free english and I realised just how much I suck at speaking it. odd, because its not like I can speak danish either!

also, lately, I've been busy doing x-massy things. Theres been so much snow in Dk, looks like I'll get my white xmas after all. I just had my JuleFrokost- which is like a big party for 3rd years and then a school party afterwards, it was a fun night and I had the best of both worlds dancing with my exchangies and danish friends.

I checked another thing off my wishlist. Tivoli at Xmas. I had an amazing day with my host family and their kids. We took the train a little earlier to go ice skating but it was closed.
Tivoli is beautiful at xmas. The snow and the fairy light. its like a little wonderland!!
My feet were so frozen after the day though. No wonder I'm really sick now.

And just tonight I mad mini pavs for my host family. The pavs worked and my hosties want me to make them again! success!! :)

under 6 weeks in this beautiful, cold, snow covered land. I cant believe it.... I dont think I can go home.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.
Marcel Proust

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

well hello,

hello december and all your snow!

final full month of exchange...pleeasseeeee dont go to fast!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

latest little light bulb moment.

ok, so here it is.. my latest little epiphany. now when I say this it is gunna seem a little naive and silly that I've only just realized this now but I guess its sign I'm growing up right?

so, when I left Aus I thought the reason I was happy was because of the people in my life, where I was etc. and it was, when you're surrounded by people that love you, that make you smile and laugh- it makes you happy.
But then I came to Dk. All of those people were on the other side of the world.. the place I loved- my comfort zone was gone. And I just thought, that I would have a good year here.. but I honestly didnt believe I would find the love- the HAPPINESS that I had in Aus.

But, just like that, the other night I realized how happy and in love with this place and these people I am and I realized that yes, they make me happy, but its what I have chosen to do with my year. The minute I let go of Aus and let Dk in, thats when I found my happiness.

And knowing this... knowing that I can be happy- truly happy and in love wherever I am in the world makes me a little less concerned to come home. As long as I choose to be happy... as long as I choose to let it all in.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


OH and its started snowing!

*insert swear word* cold though!!

but hoping for a white christmas

cross your fingers :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

little taste of xmas...

^^mine :)

ok so tonight we started our xmas decorations a little early because I am off to ireland on friday and wont be back til the start of december. so we made these things called julkoration (spelling maybe a lidt off) and basically you get a plate/basket and put clay in it, stick a candle and then create like a little wreath thing. you use all sorts of cute goodies to decorate. so much fun, we make wreaths in aus, but this was a little different and so much fun. xmas here will be so much fun I think!! I'm so excited already!

p.s I am going to be very busy the next two weeks and I don't think its going to stop until january 14th.
OH, and I'm going to get super fat as I have about 5 xmas dinners in the one week and in between all that there;ll be plenty more xmas delicacies for me to smager! (taste).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I swear everytime I go to write here and I look at the date its nearing the end of another month.

I dont really have to much to say. I've just been busying myself with daily life. I'm super busy now, I've had to start a little calendar so i can keep track of things.

last weekend I spent the night in roskilde and then came home to go to a christmas market with my third family. it was a really good day, so nice to catch up. it reminded me of going to the markets at home with mum and there was so much christmas stuff about. I didnt feel homesick at all so i'm guessing thats a good sign for the impending christmas day.

one of the first exchange students left just a few days ago, I wasn't that close to him but alot of my friends were. its strange to have people enter your life so quickly, become such a part of it and then leave just like that. its strange knowing that we may never see them again.
I guess I've been through all this when the oldies left... but its just, these guys here feel like my true friends these days and its just going to be weird not having them there everyday when I get home.

Monday, November 8, 2010

just chilling, just living, just loving.

So I've just had a four lovely days with my two aussie girls.

We've just ate, slept, watched movies, danced and talked but it was a really great weekend.

I really love times like this, its so hard to imagine I wont be with these people next year.

I've also just moved into my new family. Last move. I'm really enjoying my new family, they're an upbeat family and I feel happy here. I do miss my old family though, I miss my sisters and having tea with them.

I'm so happy here at the moment, DK is just beautiful and I'm surrounded by the most wonderful people. Everyone I've met here I have so much respect for and I just love them so much.

Everyone has just welcomed me into their life and accepted me for me and because of this I'm so much more accepting.

I've found some sort of peace with everything I guess...the girl that was angry with the world is just about gone.
change is the essence of life; be willing to surrender who you are for what you could become.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

..and so we welcome November.

So its November and I'm ten months into my exchange with two and a half months left.

One moment its January and I'm stepping off a plane into minus five, wondering what the hell I'm doing here and next thing I know I'm sitting here in November, wondering what the hell I'm going to do with my life after the next two and a half months.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Soooo... October, where have you gone?

Again, I cant believe I'm nearing the end of another month here. Where is it all going?

  • I've been busy busy this month!!
    I started off with my London trip- which was AMAZING, but we know that already.
  • I crossed another thing off my wishlist- LegoLand, but we know about that too.
  • I had my danish friends friends 18th. That was alot of fun. It was good to chill with my class again. It was alice in wonderland themed so I went as the rabbit. I wasnt very rabbity looking but it was fun all the same. There was a great band there, they were all about our age and they were so so so talented!
  • I've had a few nights out in CPH with some exchange friends and I've had some really nice nights in with my host family.
  • Efteraars Ferie has just ended (which is a one week school holiday). During the week I went to CPH and ticked another thing off mywishlist- A Canal Tour in CPH. My host family and some of their family came and I had a great day with them. The tour was nice, We went down Ny Havn- which is like a famous street in CPH and then we went out a little to where the little mermaid should be if china hadnt taken her and past all the army areas. After CPH, we picked my exchange friend up in Roskilde and she stayed foor 4 days. We had so much fun just chilling. We danced around the house all night and brought out our inner child for a few days! So much fun!
  • My Rotary Club also went to a meeting on a small island calle Sprogø. Its an island between sjaelland and fyn and the bridge connects in the middle. It used to be an island where they shipped all the naughty girls but now its just a lighthouse and someone lives there. It was really dark and windy, we could fall into the wind and stay up! It was really pretty though with the bridge and the lights and the night sky. I wish my camera could of captured it.

And bewteen all of that I've been going to some school, danish lessons and chilling with friends. Its been a great month, and its about to get better- I have a rotary camp this weekend, I'm meeting a new family (sad to say goodbye to this one though!! :(), A trip to Ireland and Sweden! :)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

here and there

So lately I've been coming to some realisations- I will never be able to combine Danish world and Australia World. It sucks, but its just the way it goes.

Australia doesnt understand me because they dont see what I do here everyday and Denmark wont understand me when I'm in Australia because they dont see what I go through there.

I am always going to have these two lives, these two worlds and there will always be this barrier between here and there but as a very smart girl said to me just before we will always go through different things but it shouldnt change what we have in both worlds.

It took me a long time to finally be happy here, to accept my life here and stop trying to be in Australia and I am not going to apologise or feel guilty for living my dream- for being HAPPY.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lego Land!

A few weeks ago I went to Lego Land on Jutland with Katrina.

Lego Land was on mine and Katrinas wishlists for Dk and Kats club took her so I got to tag along.

We got a private tour of a gallery and also the production zone. We got to see lego pieces that will be out in 2011/12.

After we went inside the park. There was lego models of everything. It was more for children but it was so cool! Kat and I went on all the little rides and took a million pics of all the models.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

the hardest thing to do is leaving your comfort zone.
but you have to let go of the life your familiar with and take the risk to live the life you've dreamt about.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back from the land of understanding- London

I've just got back from my five day tour to London with my class.
London was a breath of fresh air for me. Not only was it like a childhood dream to go it but it was also a small 'light bulb' moment of what life will be like back in Australia.
It was so nice to hear people speaking english again. Even though I use english everyday- I havent yet adopted danish. I had forgotten what it was like to be spoken as a first language. I could sit on train and eavesdrop. I could read signs. I could walk into stores and not have to think of how to ask for help and most importantly I could interact freely with the people around me.
London also reminded me a little of Melbourne- definitely a million times better though.
I also found alot of australian goodies while I was there. I got so excited by cadbury chocolate, starburst, vitamin water, salt and vinegar chips, baked beans, fish n chips, pies and rectangular pillows- my friends had to tell me to calm down!!
(needless to say I was feasting that week)
I got to see all the touristy things like Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Plce and all the various names that you see on a monopoly board.
We went on a Jack the Ripper tour at night. We went to all the locations of his murders... it was quite spooky and gruesome... but an intersting story!
I had a great time with my class. It had been quite a while since I'd last hung out with them and it was so nice. The girls are so sweet and they really try with me. They spoke danish with me most of the time and I was able to understand!
During the hours of free time we got I managed to catch a train out to meet my grandfathers sister Jane.
Words cannot describe how great that was. I never planned to see her while I was there.. it just happened when mum gave me the number. It was such an unexpected lovely surprise to my trip.
We had some lovely chats together and it was so great to see the place that my Grandfather and parents love so much. We only spent a few hour together as I had to get back but I'm just so happy that I got to meet her.
It rained the whole time we were in London, I was a little dissapointed but as mum said to me- it wouldnt be England with out rain!
London is a beautiful place, it never stops.. go go go... and even though I was only a tourist for 5 days I felt just at home there.
I'd just like to wish my gorgeous Dad a Happy Birthday... I miss our late night chats and your big hugs. I'll be seeing you soon... I believe its under a hundred days now. xoxoxo
(p.s I'm sorry if there wasnt much content in this blog. I'm finding it hard to write these days. I can describe things very well. everything is either lovely or amazing...but I did have a lovely- there I go again, time in London and I wish I could find the words to describe how it really was)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So yesterday I went to Møns Klint with Marianne.
Møn is about 2hrs from where I live. Its a beautiful place. you walk through the forest and down the big cliff to get to the beach. Theres ALOT of stones and people find alot of sea fossils there. Like the ones I found earlier on in the year.

I found lots of little orange stoney things which are actually from octopus.. the name in dansk i can not pronounce nor spell :P

Marianne had been wanting to take me to Møn for a long time so it was nice to finally go, the weather wasnt all that nice, but i have a feeling its not getting any better.

Last night I also met my new family. I think I'll be moving to them at the end of oct. It was really lovely to get to talk to them. They seem like a great family and moving to them will be exciting!! but it also marks the last 2 months of my exchange (and leaving this family).. so I gues
s it will be bittersweet.

last weekend was also a rotary get together in Lolland. Stace, Kat and I took the train down early friday and went and celebrated Katrinas impending birthday, then we met up all the others and took the train to Maribo where the camp was. There was probably about 30 of us there maybe, not many oldies and ALOT of newbies. It was nice to meet all the newbies, They seem just like us at the start of our exchange ;)

For Kat's B'day on saturday we woke up early and Stace and I put post it notes every where with 'happy birthday' written on them.
All the aussies and 2 nz'rs made a meat pie for Kat (and us all aswell) and it was soooo nice. You forget the tiny comforts of home!
We also went to the Zoo and had a mini safari, I've been to zoo's before so it wasnt anything new but it was a good day all the same :)
and sunday, I came home to a beautiful package from mum. Packed full of aussie chocolately goodness :D

10 days til london!!!!!!!!!! weheheeeee :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


so, here's a few of my new family. there's 13 of us....
they're so different to my old one.
but i cant help but love them.

Monday, September 6, 2010

another one down.

so i ticked another thing off my wishlist last weekend...

i went boating around some of dk's islands!

was so much fun- it was just around Korsoer area but i went under the big bridge! and i also got up close to the windmills (which was another secret thing i was hoping to do) so incredible!!

it was such a perfect day, it'd been raining all week so we were very lucky.

i also went water skiing! yep, yep.. and surprisingly i got to stand up. i've never been before so it took a while to get the hang of it. i have a few bruises now and some muscles i didnt know had too!

wish list aside, i had a nice visit from my favourite nz'er the other day. was so nice, we just went shopping and ate some lunch... had a good chat!! i hadn't seen her for a while so it was much needed.

school is going really great! i'm hardly there; this week i have like one class a day. its so good, i cannot cope with many hours at school.. its too draining.

my host family are starting to make me speak dansk too. like if i speak enlgish they're all 'we cant understand'... i have been a lot quieter this week ;)

life is good.

p.s hope you're all well in australia and you're not underwater yet :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

i'm getting used to seeing this everyday, i'm getting used to the water, i'm getting used to seeing so much colour in everything.

feeling so....

at the moment i think i'm having a bit of a writers block.
i dont know, i've been doing lots lately.. i just cant put it down.. nothings flowing.
i've stopped writing in my diary.

but anywho... i'm just gunna say some random things just to get it out.
so i've been with my new family about a month now, i'm really enjoying it. its different to my other families- i mean every family is different...or maybe i'm just different now.

school is ok, bit boring, can actually understand now if i really listen... but i get too tired so its easier to skype or blog haha
also having 3 lessons of dansk a week now... the new exchange teacher said she wants the new ones to fit in easier.... where was this 7 months ago??
poor kat and i got taught nothing!

the new exchangers seem fun, we've had a bit to do with them... theres only 4 rotary, but that doesnt matter.

i went to a middle age festival the other day with my first host mum. it was a really nice day!! just wandered around looking at all the things, saw some nice music, watched a circus and got a characture drawn. looks like mum, she'll love that. i love that!

denmarks weather is just crazy. its like sunny one minute and then raining the next. i've come home from school soaked so many times!! its also starting to get colder... which sucks... coz i'm terrified of winter.

i went to golf with my rotary club a sunday ago. another cazy day of weather! i've never really had much to do with golf... only mini golf at school camps or at the shows. so it was really interesting, i can see why its a sport. i dont think i'd be any good at golf tho, dont really have any arm strength and i HATE to stand. i was there all day and after the game we had a nice dinner and some awards... my club gave me 500kr ($100AU) just because they had some left over money. my club are so good to me! i really appreciate them!

so i have a feeling september is going to fly- this weekend my host fam are taking me out on a boat, the next i have a rotary get together and katrinas birthday, week after i'm meeting my new family and going to Moen with Marianne. and then finally the weekend after i'm going to LONDON!

i'm so excited for london!!

its soo strange.. the months come and then just like that they're gone...each day is another day closer to coming home...
i dont know what i feel about that anymore... i dont think about it as much as i used to. i think about being back with my friends and family and thats what i cant wait for.. but the rest of it... i dont know.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


well i've been back at school for a week now.

its really strange without the old exchangies. I miss them.
The new ones are nice though. Theres 11 of them. Katrina and I made a video for them....It was weird standing up and telling them advice, its weird being the experienced one. I still feel new at all of this.
Just when you get settled here something changes it all again.

I dont have many classes at school, so thats good and every 2nd friday I have np classes on my schedule. Hellooo long weekend :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

first day back.

it was my first day back at school today after three months.

i walked in the doors and it all seemed so unfamiliar again, like i was starting back in january!

the exchange student table was empty, it looked wrong. It should of had someone there, on their laptop, eating chips.

it just made me realise all over again that my oldies were gone.

but the day was ok, it was good to see my danish friends after so long. i only had two classes.

it pissed down raining and i got soaked on the walk home.

i looked like a drowned rat.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new chapter begins.


today it hit me that a new part of my exchange has begun.

when I got here I divided the year into parts, to help me get through... things to look forward to, goals to keep me on track...I developed them to make value my time here when sometimes I felt I couldnt.

At first it was Rome Trip, then May (I picked may because I knew that was the time in Dk that I'd feel more settled.). May came around and my next thing was Euro Tour after that it was Roskilde Festival and then it was Summer house with my Host families. All have those have come just as quickly as they've gone- time flies when your having fun!

and now, I'm starting a new chapter,

moved into a new family- a new area

my oldies have gone

and the newbies have arrived- met mine yesterday!

the three month holiday that seemed like forever has ended.

and finaly dansk- I've been here for nearly 7 months, I have no excuse to not be speaking it.

I'm sad that, that part of my exchange is over, is just good memories now. It kills me knowing that I cant go back, that I cant have those times back, those people, those moments.

But it just means I have to make more, I have to make those moments again, the moments of extreme happiness and fufillment. The moments of laughter and joy.

So bring the new chapter, bring the new excitement, bring the good and bring the bad times.

Bring the new memories.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

west coast

so I've just got back from a week away on the west coast of denmark.

I went with my 2nd family and all their families. It was a nice trip, and I enjoyed the time to relax and see another part of Dk.

The house we stayed in was really big- well it had to be with like 6 families living there. It had everything- pool, spa, sauna, games etc, but most importantly it was about 200m from the beach.

The beach was big and sandy, just like australian beaches and it had lots of waves, I had a stab of homesickness when I climbed through the dunes and had my first look at it. I felt at home. It took me all week to finally get in, the weather was around 20 degrees but it was much warmer in the water. I love swimming in the ocean, I love the waves how they take you back and fourth. I felt so safe.

We did alot of day trips to towns around the area, I saw some great galleries- ceramic, paintings, glass. I also visited a light house and a fishing town/market place (which made me want to vomit, I cant stand fish).

I had a great week and I felt like it was a nice way to finish off my time with my 2nd family, I've been with them for mostly the holidays so I spent alot of time away from home... Its sad to leave them because I really adore them but saying goodbye is part of exchange. Just the way it goes.

Friday, July 30, 2010

and what not..

Ah ok, So I feels like its been ages since I last wrote but it really hasnt been.

So I moved into my new family nearly a week ago. This time the move felt really weird. My last move, I moved next door. I was just changing the family not area.

I like this family. I find them alot like my own family at home. I've got two sisters now which is nice, and they are the sweetest girls. Theres a cute litte white kitten with gorgeous blue eyes that likes to sleep on my bed, Dad, I finally got that kitten! Haha! I just discovered that this family also has a million dvds and I have cable in my room- there goes the rest of the next three months here.

I went to tivoli also with them and their family, it was nice, very very very busy, I qued(?) for like an hour for a 3 minute ride.
I met some australians which was nice though.

After tivioli I caught a train to Roskilde to stay with my NZ friend. I spent 2 more days with her and then she stayed a night at mine. We just chilled watching tv most of the time but it was really nice. We also did a really good gym session.

I'm off to somerhus (summer house) with my 2nd family tomorrow for about a week. the weather has been really average lately. raining and such, I hope its not like that at the somerhus. It'll be good to see my 2nd family, I do miss them.

Not long til school starts back... not looking forward to being bored all day but it will be nice to see my danish friends and get some routine back.

The 'newbies' arrive tomorrow... will be nice to have some exchange students back...

other than that, I'm doing ok, just trying to make the most of it- not doing too good at it, but I'm trying :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

6 måned i Danmark!

January 23rd- Arrival.
February- First trip to Copenhagen

March- ROME!

April- Day Trips.

May- Euro Tour!!!

June- Somerferie (summerholidays)

July- Happy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

just lately..

so lately I've been chilling, havent been doing a great lot with my holidays but its been nice just to relax.
the weather is good, its like 25 degrees plus and its so hot at night. I'm not coping well with the heat, I'm going to struggle back in aus.
So hot weather means beach days, which is what I've done. I've been swimming in the ocean a few times and its really nice in. Well that was until i saw 6 crabs scuttle out of a bunch of seaweed the other day... now I'm a bit hestitant to get in.

I went to Cph to see Regina Spektor with my NZ friend. We met up with two other aussies from Jutland and had a great night out in Cph after. Regina was amazing and well worth it and the rest of the night out after was great too.

I've met Kat a few times for ice cream, but its just not the same without our oldies. Who by the way have all gone home. Just me and kat now..... so strange, so sad., so ughhh!

Also had a great night last night with kat and another aussie girl, was nice to just chill and talk.

My bus card ran out, I didnt realise, been using an expired bus card for the past 2 weeks and the bus drivers only just told me. Pretty lucky I wasnt on the train with it, could of got a nice little fine.

I cant sleep. Its too hot, its too light all the time and the thinking wont stop. driving me nuts.

Moving families soon, ahhh. I'm happy to move, but I do love this family. I like my room, my street, the view of the ocean from everywhere, the convenience of the station near by and the 'home' that this family has created for me throughout the past three months. 3 months isnt enough with one family.

I'm nearly up to half way, and just the other day I realised that in 6 months time I was going home. Its weird knowing I'm on the last half, I'd rather be a 'newbie'....then my oldies would come back..

..I want them back.

Monday, July 12, 2010

kids were fishing for crabs today.

i was wearing shorts and a singlet.

i had my thongs on.

i had mosquitoes eating at my arms and legs.

i was eating a bbq for dinner.

i had sand between my toes.

i watched the perfect o-shaped pinky-orangey sun set over the ocean.

and i watched little kids fish for crabs in the ocean today.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

we say..

'its not goodbye, it is only see you soon'

because thats what makes it ok.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

packed out camping grounds;florence+the machine;orange stage

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I've just got back from a four day festival in denmark.
It was totally amazing.
I worked in a restaurant and I got my ticket, food and drink all paid for so I was all set.

Roskilde Festival is one of europes biggest music festival and I feel so lucky that I got to go.
I worked alot which was a shame and I dont think I did it true festival style- went back to shower at a friends house. But I still saw all the things I wanted to see and had a great experience.
I've never seen anything quite like it. There was about 80,000 people there all from various places around the world. I got quite patriotic when I saw the aussie flag hanging above some tents!

Working was hard- stinking hot weather and I had four six hour shifts (reminded me of my kfc days). I thought I was going ok understanding danish but after working there I really have no idea. It was quite degrading actually. I'm sick of not understanding. I get so tired of trying that I'm seriously starting to give up. I know I shouldnt... but I just cant help it. I dont know how to fix it.
but back to the festival- I dont know what else to say other than it was totaly amazing and I loved it even though my feet were so sore from working long and walking back and fourth from places, even though it was stinking hot and even though there were so many people and it smelt like urine. I loved every moment and I'm just glad I got to be a part of it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just thinking...

This is gunna be another big ramble of mine. apologies of its a little sketchy- but hey this is my journal.

Tonight I'm feeling a little homesick. I'm unsure why, but I'm just having one of those moments where a hug from mum would be nice right about now. I think maybe too, I'm just settling down from some big days (and its all about to start again tomorrow). I'm finally starting to process whats going on and what I'm feeling.
I have an uneasy feeling in my stomach, because I know things have changed again once more- and I'm just not ready to let go.
The goodbyes continue again tomorrow, I hate knowing that it could be forever. I could keep talking but its all in the previous post.

Seeing these people go home makes me wonder about being back home and what the hell I'm gunna do with my life after all this. Like seriously, how am I supposed to go back and be normal after seeing all this, after experiencing everything. I wish they understood that.

I'm really tired too, which isnt helping. Its been so hot here. Been laying on the beach all day with my friends- guess I have a bit of sunstroke too.
It was so nice though. We didnt get in the water, little bit too cold.

I should stop writing now, try to make my brain stop. I need to get a good nights sleep because tomorrow I'm off to Roskilde Festival for 4 days. Going to be a BIG 4 days.
Will keep you posted on how goes!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I said the second one of goodbyes to one of my oldies (exchange students that had been in dk 6 months before us). A week earlier I said goodbye to one of my brazilian friends also. And next week I also have a few more. Saying goodbye to my oldies is even harder than saying goodbye to my family for 12 months. I know I will see my family again.... I have no idea when I will see these guys again. I can say I plan to visit them- which I do. But who knows what will happen and how life will get in the way.

My oldies- especially my family at Slagelse gymnasium have truly touched me and have impacted my life so muchly here. They welcomed us two aussies with open arms and showed us the ropes of being an exchange student. Joao showed us where to shop. Maria became our mum. Maya sung to us. Erica laughed with us. Guodoa showed us beauty. Kaho showed us style. Mate and Frede showed us friendship and Adriana inspried us how to be unqiuely amazing. Life will not be the same without these people in it and I'm so glad for their friendship and understanding. Sometimes I feel these days that the only people that get me are the exchange students. No one quite understands what we go through. Yes, we live the life and maybe our biggest decisions we make are whether we should skip class or whats for lunch- but its hard when your alone, its hard when you spend all day in your head, when the people that normally would understand you are thousands of miles away. So, I'm so greatful for these guys being there, for supporting me, for showing some understanding and some love when no one else could.

Even though they havent left yet, they still have a week or two. I wont see some of them again.

So Thanks Guys, for making my first five months here so amazing and memorable.

In other news, I've just been living the holidays. I've been back and fourth from Roskilde visiting a friend and staying around Korsoer.

It was Sankt Hans Dag, last wednesday... its a holiday where they burn a big bonfire and put a witch on it to commemorate (?) the time when thousands of women 'witches' were burnt in dk a long long time ago. My Host family had a few friends around and we went down to the beach to see if there was a fire being lit but there wasnt. I was a bit dissapointed but I did find some happiness when a little ten year old girl came to talk to me. She was so excited and was very good at english I must say. I had a nice time with her showing her aussie things. Today she came to my room and gave me a photo frame with some little drawings, my rotary card and some pics of her. Little cutie!!

Other than that, things have been good here. Weather is beautiful and I'm happy just chilling. I have ROSKILDE FESTIVAL next week and I'm SOOO excited!! Should be really good. 4 days of hardly any sleep. WooHoo!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

daisies daisies everywhere..

there are so many here now, its so beautiful- but what got me was the size of them!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Everyday, I miss home a little more,
Everyday, I ask myself what the hell am I doing this for?
Everyday, A little bit more of me changes,

Everyday, I remind myself this is what I've always wanted.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

so i'm back..

back from some of the most amazing 18 days of my life. Euro tour was such a whirlwind adventure and a dream come true for me. As much as I loved every minute of the countries and sights we saw there was also something else quite magical about it, that only really clicked on the bus ride back to Dk. The 70 odd exchange students are the ones that made this experience unforgettable. Unless you're an exchange student you wont get it, but theres nothing like wordly love.

So where I went.

We left Dk and took a ferry to Germany where we drove to Berlin. We stayed in this dodgy part of town which had me fearing for my thing. The first night I stayed with 8 lovely girls with whom I grew alot closer to throughout the trip.

We explored Germany like tourists. I touched the berlin wall, saw check point charlie and gawked at all the monuments. I was a little let down by Berlin though, I'm not sure why but I just didnt love it. It was dirty, the people werent too nice and I just felt unsafe and uneasy. However, I am so greatful that I was there.

After Berlin we drove to Prague. Our first real day of driving and our bus broke. We had to go slowly so we were way behind schedule. We only got about 45 mins in the concentrate camp in czech republic which I felt wasnt enough time.

The concentration camp had so much energy. I was quite spooked out by the whole thing but I thought it was something important I should see.

We finally arrived at Prague and stayed in a 4 star hotel which impressed everyone. The next day we went off to explore and got free time. I had a really nice time with my friends and Prague is a lovely place but it was another place where I did not feel safe. I hate how people pray tourists and that exactly what happened. Alot of my friends got fined for things which they shouldnt have.

From Prague we moved to Vienna. Austria is a beautiful place.. we stopped at lake for lunch and it was so gorgeous with all the mountains behind. We ended getting late to Vienna so we didnt have much time there. We had a city tour that night then we went back to the hostel in the mountains. The next day we saw more of the city and I just LOVE Vienna! That night alot of kids went to a concert but I went back to the hostel then went back into town later.

The next day we made our to Lido de jeslo where we would be staying for 3 days.

Lido was a lovely little place. I forgot what swimming in the ocean was like. Luckily the warm weather came out so the beach was lovely. We went to Venice- my absolute dream!! and I was not dissapointed at all! Everything was so so perfect about it. We had a cheeky gondola driver (?) that sang to us, the weather was amazing, the ice cream was delicious and the scenary was incredible. Venice was my favourite place on euro tour.

After Venice we drove to San Remo just before France. We visitied Verona where Romeo and Juliets balcony is and then to Monaco which was a very picturesque place. We went to Nice, and it was stinking hot. The drive from Italy into France would have been the worst drive but most beautiful. The scenary was just amazing and I'm so glad we got up extra early every morning so we could bags the best spot on the bus.
Once in France we stayed in Avignon, Its a gorgeous place and its sad we didnt get alot of time there. We went and saw the Roman Aquaduct (acient water race) and it was nice just dipping our feet in the water. From Avignon we drove to Paris.

Paris, Paris, Paris... where do I start... another dream come true for me!!
From the moment I saw the Eiffel Tower beaming over france on the bus.. I had another moment. Its so hard to comprehend what I'm actually doing over here. Everything is so new and most of the time you dont get time to realise what it is thats actually going on. But in Paris, I did.
We spent a day in Paris doing a city tour and a river cruise which again was beautiful. Then after myself and another girl went to the Arch de Triumph. We caught the metro Montamarte, where I wrote on the Je t'aime wall and then we walked to Sacre de Couer. It was quite scary as it was getting late- I realised I should of worn pants that day! That night I also went to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower. It was amazing!! a little bit sad because this is something I would of loved to have shared with my loved ones... but spending it with my exchange friends I do not regret at all.
The next day we went fully up again, so so so much better. I loved looking out all over Paris.
I went to the Louvre later that day to see Mona Lisa and also to Notre Dame.
We had to leave sadly the next day... but the happiness I felt in Paris, I cannot begin to explain.

Paris to Brussels. We arrived very late and we didnt have alot of time there. I went and had the best chinese of my life- Maybe a little better than Bgo! and I had a lovely night with 4 darling girls. The next day we were off to Amsterdam- the last night in out 18 day journey.

Amsterdam was a nice place and it was such a shame that it rained the whole time. We had a lovely canal tour. I went and got coffee and cake with some girls and we then went and saw a little bit of the Red Light District. After that we had a three hour drive to Arnhem where our hostel was.

The final day was quite strange. I was sad and happy. After 18 days all I was craving was my bed, my shower, decent food, the buzz of my little brothers around the house and a good internet connection. But saying that I could of kept touring. Saying goodbye to this amazing experience was hard... saying goodbye to the people that have made it was even harder. Even though I will see some of these people again.

Euro Tour has put another twist in my life. I'm in a completely different mindset than I was 18 days ago. I have just fulfilled one of my main dreams in life... its scary to think where I'll go from here. I dont know whats next, I dont know where I'm going or whats happening anymore after this year but what I know is that I dont have to deal with that yet.

Thankyou so much to bus three for making this what it was.. thankyou to my danish rotary club who have been very generous towards my trip and my parents- I love you, one day I will take you back to this.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wish me luck...

Wish me luck because I'm about to fulfill my childhood dream. In about 8 hrs I will be boarding a train, then a bus then travelling to around Europe for 18 days with a bunch of crazy exchange students.
Ever since I was a child this has been my dream- to travel europe!
I always remember being inspired to travel. I used to flick through Mum and Dads albums, I used to recieve postcards and exciting gifts from my Grandparents from all over the world and I used to listen to teachers tell us about tours and people they met. Those were the moments when I decided that I had to do that too. I had to see the sites, take the boat rides, eat in the cafe's and walk the cobbled streets. I had to get lost on a train and scream because no one would help me. I wanted to be the one sending the postcard home, buying the gifts and taking those cheesy touristy pictures.

So very soon, I'll be up, finishing off my packing and meeting the bus that will take me on this adventure. I'm a little scared I'll admit.. I just dont want anything to get stolen! But this is my trip. This is my dream and I'm going to make sure I live every moment of it.

Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Holland!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

in a blogging mood.

This is just a little update before I go on the experience of a lifetime.

So lately I've just been chilling.
It was my last day of school on thursday for like..... 2 and a bit months... dont be too jealous ;)
At first I was a little worried, having all that time off but I think I'll be ok. So far I'm pretty booked.
Euro tour from 26th-12th
Roskilde Festival
Sweden with Kat
Friend from Poland will be visiting hopefully.
Days spent with my oldies as they'll be off back home soon.
And hopefully good times with my danish friends!

I'm looking forward to these but I cant believe that once the holidays are over I'll be moving families. I just got here, I'll hardly be at home on the holidays, I dont want to move... 3 months is too short in each family.

I had a picnic with Kat a few days ago. She slept over, we made nachos and took it down to the beach. weather was like 20 degrees with the sun out. Sooo lovely! I got sunburnt!
I'm also pretty sick at the moment. Which sucks. I really hope I'm better for Euro Tour.

Speaking of which, is in like 2 days!! Cant Wait!! 7 countries, 18 days, bus full of exchange students. How amazing will it be!?!

Thats pretty much it for now...Next posts will be about my amazing adventure :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

happy, happy, happy!

I cant believe it, May has come and will end very soon. It just keeps going quicker and quicker.

The past 2 weeks have just been a blur.
I moved families on the first day of the month. It was a nice easy transition as I was only moving next door. I moved into a family with two younger boys and a dog. I love this family. I feel so at home here and I love just being back in busy environment and its nice to have a pet too. I have lived with animals my whole life in and about the house, its nice to have that back. I also love my two little brothers. They're so cheeky and friendly. They speak good english, sometimes I dont always understand but they try! (although I should be using danish!)
I have the best view from my room, I look out to the ocean. Its so lovely.

My first week at my new house, I was hardly there. I just seemed to be in and out. Going to friends places or activities after school.

I spent a lovely afternoon with Marianne, We went on a lovely bike ride through the forest. It was gorgeous, with big tall trees, green everywhere and little white flowers on the floor. We also saw a deer poking its head through the long grass.
Later we went down to the beach fossil searching and it was so nice just walking along talking and looking for fossils.
I love spending days with Marianne.

Last week, We (exchange students) threw a suprise party for one of the girls. It was a great night and she was so happy!

I've been going to school- well what I can, because its end of the year and its exam time. I'm startign to get frustrated now with turning up and not doing naything. At first it was ok, I could just play on my laptop or talk to my friends. But now when I go and sit for 6 hours on my butt doing nothing, it really makes it all so pointless. I'll keep going.. because I have to. I dont have long left now anyway.

I've been going to gym alot too. I did a Yoga class with Katrina. Major FAIL. Oh we were so un-flexible (if thats even a word?!?!) I couldnt keep a straight face but I'm going back next week. It was actually quite relaxing!

Mum sent me a package the other day. Just clothes, shoes, sauces and some lollies. But she also sent me my art supplies and.... This AMAZING book (scrapbook) that she made... its full of all these quotes and pretty designs. I'm almost too scared to write in it.. Its so pretty. She also made a cover/pencilcase thing for it. Its so well made I thought it was bought. Check my reading list to see it on her blog.

Euro tour is in 2 weeks, and I'm so excited!!!! Will be such an amazing experience!!

I'm really loving Dk at the moment. The weather has cheered up a little and I just seem to be keeping busy.
I'm happy.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Here you see- Brazil, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Hungary and America. Aka- My Family.
Alot of days are like this, it makes me realise that... People are People. We are all the same we just live in different places. Forget appearance, language and culture, in the end we're all human.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


The world is full of people who will go their whole lives and not actually live one day.

She did not intend on being one of them.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Bee!

Life's been quite busy at the moment.. and I'm loving it. I had the best weekend!

Friday night I went to Mary Poppins. I had a lot of fun, I may have slept through the 2nd act though. Ooops!

My host family ordered us tickets and we went on the bus with their friends (including my next family). We ate a restaurant at the theatre and had the waiters sing to us.

The musical itself was really good, I enjoyed looking at the costumes and we were really close to the stage! I was a little dissapointed I didnt understand, I am coming along with my danish and understanding alot these days so I thought I may have some idea- but I was wrong! but all in all I had a very good night :)

Saturday, I was up for a lazy day- quick skype with mum, few eppys of gilmore girls and an hour or two at the gym. However, Katrina (the other aussie) rang me and I went out with her that night. I really enjoyed myself, I made a few new danish friends and it was so fun to use the 'I'm from Australia' card!!

Kat and I slept in late Sunday, made some fail choccy pancakes and caught the train down to Copenhagen with my host family.

We went to Mary's house. I liked it, I think. I loved how they went a little modern and decorated the place for them, rather than the traditional historical way. Immaturely, I went and touched all the door knobs because Mary will touch them! haha!

Anyway, after the palace we went to Tivoli! My host dad's daughter works there, so we got a tour.

Tivoli is just AMAZING! I LOVED it! Its not quite a theme park but more than a wonderland. I loved that everything was so beautiful and nothing looked tacky, like I was thinking it would. Kat dragged me on every ride I said I wouldnt. Mum, you'd be shocked!

We had Japanese for dinner and ended the night with some AMAZING Karaoke in the bar! Yes Dad, I did inflict my wonderful singing voice on a room ful of people.... 3 times!

I feel so good at the moment, I've been keeping busy and having such and amazing time!

Just a quick revelation of mine- the world is tiny! we may be separated by massive oceans and hours apart but its tiny!

On the bus to Mary Poppins I was talking to someone who had friends where I live in Bendigo. I move to the other side of the worold for 12 months and the neighbourhood I move to has connections to Bendigo!
The local Wine seller also just happens to sell wine made in Bendigo- out of all the Aussie wine on offer, The small town in Korsoer sells wine from Bendigo. Go figure!
Knowing this, makes me feel not so far away after all!

also, Happy Birthday to my Grandfather!!! Thinking of you xxxx

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 months down.. huh?.. already?... nooo... wait.. yep!... oh shit!

Time flies when you're having fun aye?
I've been so busy lately- hence the rather brief posts.
I'm finding more and more that I'm hardly going or at school, I dont know why, Alot of classes have been cancelled (like today, every single one).. and when there are classes, there only is like one or two a day. Hey, I'm not complaining, just wondering whats up with that. Also when I have been at school I've had mostly exchange student classes and as much as I'm having a blast with the exchange kids... I miss my danish friends!!!
So after the holidays life went back to normal, well normal as it can be. The weather has picked up. MUCHLY! I think its made everything better. I love going for walks down to the beach and going for bike rides. I love wearing just jeans and two layers. I love the sun lighting my whole room up at 6am- makes getting up sooo much easier! Things are good. I've been seeing more and more of DK and finding new experiences.
Last week I went to an EfterSkole with my 3rd host families daughters. I stayed the night at the EfterSkole and I had so much fun! If I was a dane I would definitely be going to one of these. They are like boarding schools for the Aussies. My 'sisters' were alot of fun and I really look forward to staying that family. It feels like mine at home, so I think it will be nice. Thay also took me to the Queens Birthday on Friday (16th). They asked me ages ago if I'd like to go and I was like sure why not, they asked if it'd be a problem with school and I thought not because in Aus when its the Queens B'day its a public holiday but not here, I like that I think. To me, its kinda like the Queen is saying 'Hey, I'm normal, I have a birthday like all you continue on with your lives regardless'... however that does not stop DK!! We went down to see her wave from the balcony, I thought it was pretty cool seen as if I'd been in Aus I would of seen a snippet on Sunrise or ABC news at 730 about it. But there I was, fighting through the crowd, getting pissed off at the old lately pushing me in the back like we were playing netball or something and zooming my camera in as far as it could go to see her majesty in her pretty blue dress. I had so much fun. Later we went shopping with the girls and Susie (Host Mum) boguht me an I Love Copenhagen tee. She bought one for Mie, Karoline and I and my heart melted when she said she wanted all her three girls to have one!
That night Katrina and I had an aussie night. There was supposed to another girl to work on our drama play for school but she cancelled. So Kat and I made Lasagne (well kat did) and I made the Pavlova. HUGE SUCCESS! we ate a WHOLE lasagne and pav between the TWO of us. Just as well I've joined a gym.
Yep, thats right, GYYYMM. Now, I dont know if I've put on weight. My clothes still fit and I have no idea of the sizes here... but I feel unhealthy. Too much meat, potato and bread! I dont know how the danes do it!
So I've gymed about 4 times and I'm going tomorrow. Its really good and the best part is.. Rotary are paying. Thanks Rotary! My next host mum goes there aswell so I cant wait to go with her!

I'm off to Mary Poppins on friday and Copenhagen on Sunday so my weekend is pretty packed (as all weekends have been of late) and I'm moving families come first of May so thats exciting! and next thing I know its euro tour on the 26th!!!!

Piccys soon :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i dag...

So today I skipped my only lesson at school and went to work with my counsellors wife. I had so fun! I love this woman. We travelled over four islands I think today. I helped her work then we went and had lunch... my first danish hot dog! I saw a castle, denmarks largest stone (ha!), we went shopping, had coffe and cake and then beach combing for some fossils... and look what I found :) (sorry pic isnt great, best i could do!)

I had a great day today, I saw abit more of DK and I enjoyed spending the day with Marianne!
^ DK's largest rock... yep.

Monday, April 5, 2010

just a few pics of what I've been up to.
We went to a musem in Odense on saturday, they had different exhibitions. first photo is from a history of tabacco exhibiton and the second one is this room they set up- more for kids but it was cool. would of been better if I was 5. Third is stadium if my first football match and the last one was probably the last snow storm we had! haha it stopped after ten mins (taken early march I think)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

what i've been up to, not what i'm thinking!

Well the last posts about what I've been doing were a while ago.
So since Rome I have been back at school. Not doing alot, its getting kind of frustrating but I cant learn danish overnight. Speaking of danish, its going ok. I understand more than I can talk and I think I'm starting to think a little in danish. It makes more sense written than it does when it comes out of someones mouth, but I'll get there.
And back on track, So schools ok, my danish friends are really lovely. I'm getting to know them abit better now and its a bit easier now that sometimes I can understand what their talking about. I had a sleepover one night with all of them and I had alot of fun. Wasn't an eventful night, but it didn't need to be.
I went to Jutland last weekend with my host family, a place called Nibe. Its about 300kms from where I live. We pretty much drove across two islands and it only took 3hrs. Denmark you are small.... but why are you so big when it comes to visiting other exchange students!?!
This week has been Paaskeferie. Which means Easter Holidays I think, so I have just been chilling at home. Alot of my friends are off in different countries, but I dont mind being at home.
I started painting again, its nice... helps with the thinking.
I went to Copenhagen Tuesday with my counsellors family. I had a really great day! I had missed spending time with that family. It was so wierd to be in their house, when the last time I was there I had just arrived. We went to where the Little Mermaid WAS.. China took her away. But she'll be back... I hope.
Wednesday was another day at home, but I went out for a walk and only got as far as next door when my next host mum- Helen, asked me in for Tea. I really enjoyed talking to her. I move to my next family in a month and as much as I like this family now, it'l be a nice change. I'm very intrigued by the danish culture and this will be a different environment, I also have 2 brothers in my next family. I haven't had that experience, nor have they.. Man, they are gunna love me with all my girly products floating around their bathroom! But, the boys seem nice and cheeky, like most boys so I'm looking forward to it.
Today I went to Copenhagen again to see a Soccer match with my Host Dads daughter. We had lots of fun. I have never been to a 'football' match before and I really enjoyed it. I was actually quite surprised at how small the stadium was too... I mean I think they said 40,000 people can fit there or something and I was like ok, that'll be big. But no offence Denmark, but thats got nothing on our MCG or Telstra Dome/ Etihad Stadium (whatever its called now)... saying that, Australia is ALOT bigger than DK.
And thats all I have really been up to.
I am going to Odense on saturday and back to school on tuesday.

Just, like to wish ASH a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! missing you loads!

thats all for now, pics sometime soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


It's been on my mind alot lately. Mainly because I'm starting to notice change in myself and when I talk to home!
I thought when I came here that everything was going to be ok- I was going to have the year of life and bring the girl I 'became' back home and somehow fit her into the same life I led. but now the more I 'become' I know that wont be so easy.
Some of the exchange kids said they would use this experience as the start of their new life. That when they would return home they would 'start again' and I thought I dont want that to happen, I want things to be the same- why? I dont know, I just do... but no matter how much I want that now, I realise they wont be. My school will always have new students, my work will always emply more staff, my bestfriends will find new ones and hey, even my room wont be the same after my sister has had it for 12 months (sorry, no offence luce!)... So this has made me come to the realisation that its time to let go, Let go... I'm here, not there... I have wanted this my whole life and I need to grasp it before its over.. 12 months is a long time.. but just ask the 'oldies' it goes too quickly... so I'm going to go for it.. going to have the year of my life and accept that things will change.. I will change, they will change.. but the thing is, change is scary (well I find it scary).. changing is scary!
I dont know who I am anymore... Here I'm just a girl that goes to school and plays on her laptop all day, a girl that doesnt understand anything, a girl that is constantly annoying because she doesnt know whats going on so she just follows when she spent four years of high school teaching herself not to annnnddd a girl that doesnt know what she wants anymore ie: the rest of her life. And maybe all of this is a good thing but I've never hated not knowing so much!
but I have to go with this because theres no other way to deal with this... So I'm going to let go- doesnt mean I dont want what was, just means that I have ten months left here and I need to make the most of it.

This post, has been brewing and sorry if I've wasted your time.. Mum says I have too much time to think here?!... but I needed to get it out. Promise the next post will be about what I've been up to.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

where's that girl gone?

what happened to the girl that had her life planned out?

where has the girl that was angry with the world gone?

where did all her oppinions and questions go?

where have all her dreams gone?

well, she went to denmark..


dont expect that girl back!

please understand.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


had danish class today. understood about 80% of the conversation between students, may have been simple danish but its better than nothing.

speak slowly, give me about 20seconds to translate to english and just maybe I'll understand what your babbling at me.