Thursday, April 1, 2010

what i've been up to, not what i'm thinking!

Well the last posts about what I've been doing were a while ago.
So since Rome I have been back at school. Not doing alot, its getting kind of frustrating but I cant learn danish overnight. Speaking of danish, its going ok. I understand more than I can talk and I think I'm starting to think a little in danish. It makes more sense written than it does when it comes out of someones mouth, but I'll get there.
And back on track, So schools ok, my danish friends are really lovely. I'm getting to know them abit better now and its a bit easier now that sometimes I can understand what their talking about. I had a sleepover one night with all of them and I had alot of fun. Wasn't an eventful night, but it didn't need to be.
I went to Jutland last weekend with my host family, a place called Nibe. Its about 300kms from where I live. We pretty much drove across two islands and it only took 3hrs. Denmark you are small.... but why are you so big when it comes to visiting other exchange students!?!
This week has been Paaskeferie. Which means Easter Holidays I think, so I have just been chilling at home. Alot of my friends are off in different countries, but I dont mind being at home.
I started painting again, its nice... helps with the thinking.
I went to Copenhagen Tuesday with my counsellors family. I had a really great day! I had missed spending time with that family. It was so wierd to be in their house, when the last time I was there I had just arrived. We went to where the Little Mermaid WAS.. China took her away. But she'll be back... I hope.
Wednesday was another day at home, but I went out for a walk and only got as far as next door when my next host mum- Helen, asked me in for Tea. I really enjoyed talking to her. I move to my next family in a month and as much as I like this family now, it'l be a nice change. I'm very intrigued by the danish culture and this will be a different environment, I also have 2 brothers in my next family. I haven't had that experience, nor have they.. Man, they are gunna love me with all my girly products floating around their bathroom! But, the boys seem nice and cheeky, like most boys so I'm looking forward to it.
Today I went to Copenhagen again to see a Soccer match with my Host Dads daughter. We had lots of fun. I have never been to a 'football' match before and I really enjoyed it. I was actually quite surprised at how small the stadium was too... I mean I think they said 40,000 people can fit there or something and I was like ok, that'll be big. But no offence Denmark, but thats got nothing on our MCG or Telstra Dome/ Etihad Stadium (whatever its called now)... saying that, Australia is ALOT bigger than DK.
And thats all I have really been up to.
I am going to Odense on saturday and back to school on tuesday.

Just, like to wish ASH a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! missing you loads!

thats all for now, pics sometime soon.

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