Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 months down.. huh?.. already?... nooo... wait.. yep!... oh shit!

Time flies when you're having fun aye?
I've been so busy lately- hence the rather brief posts.
I'm finding more and more that I'm hardly going or at school, I dont know why, Alot of classes have been cancelled (like today, every single one).. and when there are classes, there only is like one or two a day. Hey, I'm not complaining, just wondering whats up with that. Also when I have been at school I've had mostly exchange student classes and as much as I'm having a blast with the exchange kids... I miss my danish friends!!!
So after the holidays life went back to normal, well normal as it can be. The weather has picked up. MUCHLY! I think its made everything better. I love going for walks down to the beach and going for bike rides. I love wearing just jeans and two layers. I love the sun lighting my whole room up at 6am- makes getting up sooo much easier! Things are good. I've been seeing more and more of DK and finding new experiences.
Last week I went to an EfterSkole with my 3rd host families daughters. I stayed the night at the EfterSkole and I had so much fun! If I was a dane I would definitely be going to one of these. They are like boarding schools for the Aussies. My 'sisters' were alot of fun and I really look forward to staying that family. It feels like mine at home, so I think it will be nice. Thay also took me to the Queens Birthday on Friday (16th). They asked me ages ago if I'd like to go and I was like sure why not, they asked if it'd be a problem with school and I thought not because in Aus when its the Queens B'day its a public holiday but not here, I like that I think. To me, its kinda like the Queen is saying 'Hey, I'm normal, I have a birthday like all you continue on with your lives regardless'... however that does not stop DK!! We went down to see her wave from the balcony, I thought it was pretty cool seen as if I'd been in Aus I would of seen a snippet on Sunrise or ABC news at 730 about it. But there I was, fighting through the crowd, getting pissed off at the old lately pushing me in the back like we were playing netball or something and zooming my camera in as far as it could go to see her majesty in her pretty blue dress. I had so much fun. Later we went shopping with the girls and Susie (Host Mum) boguht me an I Love Copenhagen tee. She bought one for Mie, Karoline and I and my heart melted when she said she wanted all her three girls to have one!
That night Katrina and I had an aussie night. There was supposed to another girl to work on our drama play for school but she cancelled. So Kat and I made Lasagne (well kat did) and I made the Pavlova. HUGE SUCCESS! we ate a WHOLE lasagne and pav between the TWO of us. Just as well I've joined a gym.
Yep, thats right, GYYYMM. Now, I dont know if I've put on weight. My clothes still fit and I have no idea of the sizes here... but I feel unhealthy. Too much meat, potato and bread! I dont know how the danes do it!
So I've gymed about 4 times and I'm going tomorrow. Its really good and the best part is.. Rotary are paying. Thanks Rotary! My next host mum goes there aswell so I cant wait to go with her!

I'm off to Mary Poppins on friday and Copenhagen on Sunday so my weekend is pretty packed (as all weekends have been of late) and I'm moving families come first of May so thats exciting! and next thing I know its euro tour on the 26th!!!!

Piccys soon :)

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