Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Bee!

Life's been quite busy at the moment.. and I'm loving it. I had the best weekend!

Friday night I went to Mary Poppins. I had a lot of fun, I may have slept through the 2nd act though. Ooops!

My host family ordered us tickets and we went on the bus with their friends (including my next family). We ate a restaurant at the theatre and had the waiters sing to us.

The musical itself was really good, I enjoyed looking at the costumes and we were really close to the stage! I was a little dissapointed I didnt understand, I am coming along with my danish and understanding alot these days so I thought I may have some idea- but I was wrong! but all in all I had a very good night :)

Saturday, I was up for a lazy day- quick skype with mum, few eppys of gilmore girls and an hour or two at the gym. However, Katrina (the other aussie) rang me and I went out with her that night. I really enjoyed myself, I made a few new danish friends and it was so fun to use the 'I'm from Australia' card!!

Kat and I slept in late Sunday, made some fail choccy pancakes and caught the train down to Copenhagen with my host family.

We went to Mary's house. I liked it, I think. I loved how they went a little modern and decorated the place for them, rather than the traditional historical way. Immaturely, I went and touched all the door knobs because Mary will touch them! haha!

Anyway, after the palace we went to Tivoli! My host dad's daughter works there, so we got a tour.

Tivoli is just AMAZING! I LOVED it! Its not quite a theme park but more than a wonderland. I loved that everything was so beautiful and nothing looked tacky, like I was thinking it would. Kat dragged me on every ride I said I wouldnt. Mum, you'd be shocked!

We had Japanese for dinner and ended the night with some AMAZING Karaoke in the bar! Yes Dad, I did inflict my wonderful singing voice on a room ful of people.... 3 times!

I feel so good at the moment, I've been keeping busy and having such and amazing time!

Just a quick revelation of mine- the world is tiny! we may be separated by massive oceans and hours apart but its tiny!

On the bus to Mary Poppins I was talking to someone who had friends where I live in Bendigo. I move to the other side of the worold for 12 months and the neighbourhood I move to has connections to Bendigo!
The local Wine seller also just happens to sell wine made in Bendigo- out of all the Aussie wine on offer, The small town in Korsoer sells wine from Bendigo. Go figure!
Knowing this, makes me feel not so far away after all!

also, Happy Birthday to my Grandfather!!! Thinking of you xxxx


  1. haha I LOVE using the "I'm from Australia" card - works everytime ;)
    I want lasagne now! Jealous that you can cook haha, vegemite is the extent of my Australian cuisine at the moment.
    Miss you!

  2. love that you are so happy.

    Pity i wasnt there to sing, you would have loved that!!! xxxmumsy