Wednesday, December 22, 2010


.. so tonight I went round to Per and Mariannes (my counsellor and his wife) and I had a hygge night with them. We ate dinner, I helped Marianne decorate the christmas tree and after we did the danish thing with tea and desserts. I also popped around to my 3rd family (who live next door) to give them their christmas pressies and wish them a merry christmas.
But anyway, I'll get on with my point. I had a lovely night tonight and it was tonight when it hit me how lucky I've been this year. Per asked me what the rotary club should do to make it better, or if there is anything they should change etc. and I realised that there wasn't anything I was unhappy with (maybe the danish language lessons- but that wasn't their fault). and I know it sounds totally un-cool to be saying this, because some people just think I'm being a suck up. But I'm honestly so thankful everything Rotary (Korosoer Nor Club) has done for me this year. I have a great counsellor- whom I have a good relationship with, I have had 4 great families, the club has been so generous towards me (money wise!), they've let me travel, they dont check up on my school BUT most of all they've let me experience. They've let me be a teenager, they've trusted me and they've let me live my year.
So, I'm thankful to my club- to the people that have organised my exchange, because without them I would not of had this year.
and its as simple as that.

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  1. yes you have been so lucky with this club and im so glad you have appreciated it .Im proud of you xxx