Monday, December 6, 2010

so, so, so, so...

soooo... I guess its time I put in a little update.

So about a week ago I was staying with my lovely cousins in Ireland.
I have not seen Cathy and Ciaran since I was about 7 I think- we worked this out after they told me a story of how me and my sister spontaneously graced them with one of our dance shows and I figured this must of been in my dancing days.

So anywho, Ireland... I was supposed to get into Dublin at 6pm but when I got to CPH airport my direct flight was cancelled- because of the weather AND because they couldnt staff the flight!!... so they got me onto a flight to frankfurt and said with any luck I could get a connecting dublin from there but they didnt know what the weather was like in frankfurt so they didnt know what would happen with my flight. I went anyway, plane was supposed to board at 4pm didnt board til 5pm, sat on the plane til 7pm and finally got to frankfurt around 9. luckily my flight to dublin wasnt cancelled but we didnt board til 11pm and then sat on the plane for a furthur 2 hours waiting for the de-ice machine to show up. arrived in dublin ar 1.30am 7 and a half hours late.

so by the time I got back to cathy and ciarans it was about 3 am, and we just wanted to sleep. understandably.
the next day there was so much snow. Ireland doesnt normally have snow, so they dont know what to do about it. the whole place just shuts down. So we spent the morning making a snowman (who coinicidently turned out to look like dad) and played around in the snow. we went and got lunch and I saw a little bit of where they live.

Sunday was spent in another town not too far from where they live. we took the train and had the most gorgeous scenic route along the coast.

on the Monday we braved the snow and went into Dublin. we took a hop on, hop off city tour bus and it was the perfect way to see Dublin. it wasnt much of a day for walking do it was nice to just sit and see. we got off at the guiness factory. that was super fun and I recommend it for anyone who goes to Dublin. at the very top of the factory is this room called the 'gravity lounge' or something and it has this amazing view over Dublin. the light of the sky was a perfect blue and the there was snow on all the roof tops and it was just gorgeous!!

and my last day, Tuesday. we had to be up early and fingers crossed I could get my plane back to cph with no worries. I had a three hour stopover in zurich and it was all fine with no worries thank goodness.

I had such a great time in Ireland. It was so hard to get out and do things because of the weather but that didnt phase me. I was there to see my beautiful cousins and my gorgeous 7 month old 2nd cousin! I miss them already, and hopefully in a few years I'll see them again. Like my other cousin said, I'll be back.

being in Ireland also made me realise how much my english has gone down hill this year. I had five days of guilt free english and I realised just how much I suck at speaking it. odd, because its not like I can speak danish either!

also, lately, I've been busy doing x-massy things. Theres been so much snow in Dk, looks like I'll get my white xmas after all. I just had my JuleFrokost- which is like a big party for 3rd years and then a school party afterwards, it was a fun night and I had the best of both worlds dancing with my exchangies and danish friends.

I checked another thing off my wishlist. Tivoli at Xmas. I had an amazing day with my host family and their kids. We took the train a little earlier to go ice skating but it was closed.
Tivoli is beautiful at xmas. The snow and the fairy light. its like a little wonderland!!
My feet were so frozen after the day though. No wonder I'm really sick now.

And just tonight I mad mini pavs for my host family. The pavs worked and my hosties want me to make them again! success!! :)

under 6 weeks in this beautiful, cold, snow covered land. I cant believe it.... I dont think I can go home.

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