Saturday, December 25, 2010

there's a first time for everything, ik'?

This christmas season was a months of firsts. My first ever christmas away from home, first danish christmas, first real christmas tree, first celebration on the 24th and first WHITE christmas!

In denmark they celebrate christmas on the 24th evening. We spent the whole day visiting people eating coffee and cake. I came home for a short nap, and then started the christmas festivities!
We stayed at home and had most of the family there. Ate traditional dansk food. Such as meat (duck, pork) and potatoes and for dessert ris a'lamande (however you spell it)- basically a rice and almond pudding. We then sang dansk christmas songs and danced around the tree. After we sat down and exchanged presents.

I had such a lovely night, it was a very different, but beautiful christmas. I had a skype with my family (xmas morning there 25th) but after that I went on to play danish pictionary with my host siblings.
I had a brief moment of missing home but it passed, I'm surrounded with so many lovely people- I'm just loving every mo


  1. Merry Christmas my darling, glad it was a good one, we missed you though xoxoxo

  2. Sounds very special Charlie....merry Christmas to you :)))

    Jenny x