Monday, September 6, 2010

another one down.

so i ticked another thing off my wishlist last weekend...

i went boating around some of dk's islands!

was so much fun- it was just around Korsoer area but i went under the big bridge! and i also got up close to the windmills (which was another secret thing i was hoping to do) so incredible!!

it was such a perfect day, it'd been raining all week so we were very lucky.

i also went water skiing! yep, yep.. and surprisingly i got to stand up. i've never been before so it took a while to get the hang of it. i have a few bruises now and some muscles i didnt know had too!

wish list aside, i had a nice visit from my favourite nz'er the other day. was so nice, we just went shopping and ate some lunch... had a good chat!! i hadn't seen her for a while so it was much needed.

school is going really great! i'm hardly there; this week i have like one class a day. its so good, i cannot cope with many hours at school.. its too draining.

my host family are starting to make me speak dansk too. like if i speak enlgish they're all 'we cant understand'... i have been a lot quieter this week ;)

life is good.

p.s hope you're all well in australia and you're not underwater yet :)

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  1. notice you didnt post a waterskiing pic, thought that was cool, so glad you are ticking all your boxes...