Saturday, September 18, 2010


So yesterday I went to Møns Klint with Marianne.
Møn is about 2hrs from where I live. Its a beautiful place. you walk through the forest and down the big cliff to get to the beach. Theres ALOT of stones and people find alot of sea fossils there. Like the ones I found earlier on in the year.

I found lots of little orange stoney things which are actually from octopus.. the name in dansk i can not pronounce nor spell :P

Marianne had been wanting to take me to Møn for a long time so it was nice to finally go, the weather wasnt all that nice, but i have a feeling its not getting any better.

Last night I also met my new family. I think I'll be moving to them at the end of oct. It was really lovely to get to talk to them. They seem like a great family and moving to them will be exciting!! but it also marks the last 2 months of my exchange (and leaving this family).. so I gues
s it will be bittersweet.

last weekend was also a rotary get together in Lolland. Stace, Kat and I took the train down early friday and went and celebrated Katrinas impending birthday, then we met up all the others and took the train to Maribo where the camp was. There was probably about 30 of us there maybe, not many oldies and ALOT of newbies. It was nice to meet all the newbies, They seem just like us at the start of our exchange ;)

For Kat's B'day on saturday we woke up early and Stace and I put post it notes every where with 'happy birthday' written on them.
All the aussies and 2 nz'rs made a meat pie for Kat (and us all aswell) and it was soooo nice. You forget the tiny comforts of home!
We also went to the Zoo and had a mini safari, I've been to zoo's before so it wasnt anything new but it was a good day all the same :)
and sunday, I came home to a beautiful package from mum. Packed full of aussie chocolately goodness :D

10 days til london!!!!!!!!!! weheheeeee :D

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  1. i just loved your photos..... what a magic palce, so happy you spent time with marianne and you still have so much to look forward you mumzxoxoxo