Sunday, May 23, 2010

in a blogging mood.

This is just a little update before I go on the experience of a lifetime.

So lately I've just been chilling.
It was my last day of school on thursday for like..... 2 and a bit months... dont be too jealous ;)
At first I was a little worried, having all that time off but I think I'll be ok. So far I'm pretty booked.
Euro tour from 26th-12th
Roskilde Festival
Sweden with Kat
Friend from Poland will be visiting hopefully.
Days spent with my oldies as they'll be off back home soon.
And hopefully good times with my danish friends!

I'm looking forward to these but I cant believe that once the holidays are over I'll be moving families. I just got here, I'll hardly be at home on the holidays, I dont want to move... 3 months is too short in each family.

I had a picnic with Kat a few days ago. She slept over, we made nachos and took it down to the beach. weather was like 20 degrees with the sun out. Sooo lovely! I got sunburnt!
I'm also pretty sick at the moment. Which sucks. I really hope I'm better for Euro Tour.

Speaking of which, is in like 2 days!! Cant Wait!! 7 countries, 18 days, bus full of exchange students. How amazing will it be!?!

Thats pretty much it for now...Next posts will be about my amazing adventure :)

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