Friday, July 30, 2010

and what not..

Ah ok, So I feels like its been ages since I last wrote but it really hasnt been.

So I moved into my new family nearly a week ago. This time the move felt really weird. My last move, I moved next door. I was just changing the family not area.

I like this family. I find them alot like my own family at home. I've got two sisters now which is nice, and they are the sweetest girls. Theres a cute litte white kitten with gorgeous blue eyes that likes to sleep on my bed, Dad, I finally got that kitten! Haha! I just discovered that this family also has a million dvds and I have cable in my room- there goes the rest of the next three months here.

I went to tivoli also with them and their family, it was nice, very very very busy, I qued(?) for like an hour for a 3 minute ride.
I met some australians which was nice though.

After tivioli I caught a train to Roskilde to stay with my NZ friend. I spent 2 more days with her and then she stayed a night at mine. We just chilled watching tv most of the time but it was really nice. We also did a really good gym session.

I'm off to somerhus (summer house) with my 2nd family tomorrow for about a week. the weather has been really average lately. raining and such, I hope its not like that at the somerhus. It'll be good to see my 2nd family, I do miss them.

Not long til school starts back... not looking forward to being bored all day but it will be nice to see my danish friends and get some routine back.

The 'newbies' arrive tomorrow... will be nice to have some exchange students back...

other than that, I'm doing ok, just trying to make the most of it- not doing too good at it, but I'm trying :)


  1. Glad you got settled in ok, you have beebusy and sounds like you are enjoyng yourself.
    Dont spend too much time holed up in your room watching cable, got to practice that Danish for next year;)

    Ahhh finally a kitten, Charlies long lost dream!love you mumz xoxoxoxo

  2. Oh Charlie what an amazing adventure you are on...