Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ok, so I'm posting this now as I wont be doing it in the morning!

Tomorrow I'm leaving. CRRAZZZY! I dont know how I feel really. I've had this feeling for a week now, and I dont like it, I'm not used to it. I think its because I have NO IDEA what is coming next, what I'm in for or how its all going to turn out. I cant see past Denmark let alone imagine being there. I know it will be great and I know that in order for it to be great I have to give it a go! This is a chance I've been waiting forever to do and I'm going to grasp every moment..... even when its too cold and I cant understand the language and I miss Mum and it all gets too much... I'm not coming home!
So tomorrow I'm weighing my suitcase and heading off down to the airport to start this crazy/exciting/nerve wracking/ once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm going!!! I'm going to say goodbye to my Parents who mean the world to me, I'm going to say goodbye to my insanely amazing sister. I'm saying goodbye to my VBFITWWWFEAE and good bye to the boy that makes my heart soar!

Its not forever I know, even though really its the start of forever.


Next post: Greeting from Demark ;)


  1. aww you're making me cry ya, mumsyxxxxx

    P.s. what does VBFITWWWFEAE mean? LOL

    You are going to have a fantastic time, enjoy it...

  2. Very Bet Friend In The Whole Wide World For Ever And Ever...aka sambo :P

    LOVE YOU!!! Xxx