Sunday, January 24, 2010

Greetings from Denmark

Well after two long plane trips I'm finally here!!! Flight was ok, little boring, not used to being couped up. Plane food was average... oh and MUM you'd be so proud..I ate PORK haha its ok...
It was great sitting with the other students, we chatted about exchange and it was exciting!!!
I got to Dk at 6am and met my Counsellor and his Family. Hanne and Claus my First family also met me at the airport. It was really nice. Korsør (co-surr) is about an hour from Copenhagen, so the drive back was nice but different...wrong side of the road is a little odd. Dk is so different. It was like -7 and snow. I saw snow for the first time. Dk is flat, and I dont know how to describe it but it doesnt feel like theres any streets. Maybe its because there is snow everywhere and you cant tell. We went for a walk down near the beach and they live so close. Bring on summer! Haha Its really nice though. The family I'm staying with is really nice! They're so welcoming and They're teach me a little danish so far I can say: Tak for mad= thanks for meal... and on monday (tomorrow) They are taking to a friend who will teach me Danish :)
I enjoy talking to them and sharing with them about Australia. The house is really nice and so is my room :)
I'm having trouble comprehending that I'm actually here. Last night I slept ok, but I woke up at 1.30am and couldn't sleep. I miss home, its only setting in what I'm actually doing. I cant wait for school to start so I have some routine in my life to keep my mind off things. I thought I'd be ok, like I wouldnt be sad, but I am. Wasn't as strong as I thought I was. I know that as time moves and I start daily life here it'll be easier. I love it here already just hate missing home.

Sunday (24th): Today I went into Slagelse, I saw my school and the bank where Per (my counsellor) works! I love the Danish buildings, They're nice and inside is so open!!!
I also met Hanne and Claus, I'll be staying with them next week and they're very nice! They showed me my room and my own bathroom. Dk has heated floors! its great :P Also I met my next family (next door to Hanne and Claus) and they have two boys. They seem nice too!!

Later on I googled Australia for Per and Marianne and showed them alot of things. It was really good. I showed them some aussie cash and gave Marianne the dollar because she loves Kangaroos. She's going to use it as her lucky coin for golf I think! Marianne is lovely and I really enjoy talking to her. I showed her photos and things on my laptop and it was good :) she's a good cook too! I dont mind the Danish food, its alot of bread (oh and I can say rugbrod- which is dark bread.) We also went shopping today and I bought some cream and berries for the pavlova I'm making for aussie day :) They said they love meringue so I'm glad!!
I'm feeling alot better now, dont know how the night will go but its ok!
Put some photos up when I take some more!


  1. aww darlin, i'm so glad you are settling in....

    i know you miss home but nothings changed [the lawns still long] and here you are meeting new people, seeing new sights and eating pork! lol

    hope your Pav is a big hit and you'll get into regular sleeping patterns , its just jet lag!

    love mumsyxxxx

  2. Hi Charlie, have been hearing about your adventure from mum, glad you are settling in and it would be only natural to be missing home. Loved reading about your first thoughts of Denmark, your host family sound wonderful... What a great idea to blog about your experiences and what an amazing year 2010 will be for you....looking forward to reading more