Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i get it now.


so a weekend of sorting out copenhagens metro and now for the past two days I have been catching the train home from school because I was so sick of the 40 minute bus ride (train is 9mins) and having to wait around on the hour to get home. So I have started using the train, why I didnt do these earleir I dont know, well actually I do. I was a little reluctant because I didnt like the idea of ending up on another island and I had no sense of direction or no idea how to read the train system at the station but now... I have it worked out. I know not to catch any train leaving to Fyn or Jutland at 12 past because that doesnt stop at my stop. I know that any train going anywhere that says in the direction of Copenhagen not get on it ( this is to go home) but most of all now I know, if in doubt.. JUST ASK SOMEONE. duh charlie. I havent learnt these things the hard way yet, aka ending up on another island or going in the wrong direction. but I sussed it all out before I started taking the train. And how everything has become so much easier. I was just thinking today how I rely on public transport, not saying I didnt at home. In fact I used all the time, most weekends and for 6 years I took the bus to and from school everyday give or take. When I was young Mum and I caught the bus EVERYWHERE! but now, its a lifeline. I use it atleast once day. twice on the days I sleep in or cant be bothered walking from school to town. haha
I know it sounds silly, wow the 17 year old girl finally caught the train on her own, but when your in a foriegn country that you dont understand (everything here is backwards) all that confidence about easy everyday stuff goes out the window. so right about now I'm feeling pretty good about my efforts over the past few days. And it wasnt until my walk home that I've started to realise the little changes in my life and how I'm changing. Independence wise I think. I always thought I was an independant person. Tried not to rely on people, like to do things myself. But its the little everyday things that make it obvious that I really wasnt all that independant. Now, I am awake 2hrs before school instead of 20 minutes, because now I will make someone late if I dont get up on time or I have a bus (or train!) to catch, Now I make my own lunch- its not that I didnt want to, dad liked to make it for me... he said its because he like to know I was eating something decent. Now I am at school 20 minutes before class instead of 20 minutes after, oops. Now I think my day out what I will need and what I wont, because I cant just run home and grab my PE clothes. Thats just a few things that I've started to notice and that has just become part of what I do everyday and I dont even think twice about anymore.

This was supposed to be a short post about my achievement today, but what the hell, I've got my writing mode back.

Last but not least, I would like to wish my gorgeous grandmother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (if your reading) have a terrific day Nan, I love you alot!!


  1. Ahh how hard is using the public transport in a foreign country? I finally figured it all out, and then they went and changed the all the routes and timetables for the buses that go to my house D:

  2. man thats shit. yeah i get it now, took a while lol haha it took me a 15min walk a train and a bus to get to school!!