Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm still here, dont stop reading.

Well I think its been a while since I last posted but I've been busy... busy not doing much but busy all the same. Plus I am really struggling to make words form let alone sentences.. I dont know whether its because i'm tired/exhausted all the time or because the cold is freezing my brain or maybe because I'm just getting dumb.

I've spent the last few weeks since intro camp at school. Haven't had alot of classes but thats how it goes. Wednesday I went to school for one class (2pm) and sat there for two hours playing tetris on my iphone. Why I even went beats me, but I'm here on a student visa therefore school is rather important regarding me staying here. Still learning bass in my music class, just once a week and its just doing a few rifts, but its nice. I know I'm not very good, but I enjoy it.

A friday ago, I went out with my friends. We just went into town and went to some places and it was really fun!! They're lovely girls and I'm really looking forward to the year to come with them. I feel so lucky to have met people that have so willingly let me into their lives and been interested in me.

I also went to North Zealand last week, It was a nice time but I was so tired from going out with my friends and the weather was really bad. Cold and miserable. Another time where I felt the weather was wrecking my experience. Just like Arhus I will go back in the nice weather to appreciate it a little bit more.
My iphone also got reception from Sweden (as you can see Sweden from where we were) and I got a few messages. Only telstra and a missed call because thats all the time it had for things to come through, but all the same I got them and I felt a tad sad. Just another lifeline to home...

I think last time I posted I said my class trip wasnt too far away, well its on Saturday and I cant wait! It'll be another great time with my class!!

Also just gone has been the Get together in Copenhagen ALL the Rotary exchange kids. It was crazy.. I traded pins again and now my blazer looks even better. It was a 'fitness' camp, I did yoga- or as I call it... some deranged gymnastic class. and I also did some swimming and I did a 7km bike ride. Those 130 calories I just worked off went straight back on with the KFC that we snuck out and got.
We took the train to Copenhagen with one of our oldies, and she showed us Christiania in Copenhagen. Google Christiania because I cant describe this crazy place. Its basically like a community in DK that follow by their rules and have their own way of life... like their not even 'part' of DK. Its full of drugs but if you just ignore that whole part its quite beautiful. You cant take any photos of it and you have to be quiet. I really want to go back to have a proper look, I know its probably not good for an exchange student to be hanging around there but I'm just intrigued.

So everything is going well and I am enjoying it. More and more everyday I'm finding new things out about myself. I spend alot of time thinking (nothing new) and lost in everything around me. I seem quiet but to be honest I'm just taking it all in. I still cant comprehend 12months in this place I just feel like I haven't seen Mum in a while. Time really is moving quickly (just ask the oldies) already we are in march and its going to be a busy one, next thing I know it'll be april.

update after rome. hope this wasnt too scattered my minds not really with the whole writing at the moment.


  1. Hi Charlie,
    So nice that you have met some lovely friends - am sure that makes being away from home so long much nicer.
    Christiania does sound intriguing, I've never heard of it, see I'm learning things from reading your
    Actually that's one thing I love about blogging, not only catching a snippet of someone's life but discovering new things at the same time. Your posts are great...

  2. hi,

    i'm glad you're enjoying it. christiana is very interesting. shame you cant take photos really.

    thanks :)