Thursday, February 25, 2010

wow, already!

Can you believe I have been here one month??

So much has happened yet so little. I think everything is just so new. I dont feel like I live here yet, I still feel like a tourist. So much happens. I just sit there watching/ staring and I forget to be involved.

So this post really wont be detailed. I really haven't been in a writing mood of late.
I had intro camp all of last week and it was so much fun. Intro camp is where all the exchange students that have just arrived and they have one long week of danish lessons. I really enjoyed the week, got so tired though. I am understanding more danish as I go along and the classes really helped.
I traded pins with the other students so my blazer doesnt look so sad.
During camp we were allowed out the 'prison' as it was dubbed. We went into Arhus and a place called Viborg. Lovely places but it snowed like crazy. The weather makes me feel like its ruining my experience... dont get me wrong I love the snow but I just want to stay inside because its too cold out. There was so much I wanted to do/see in Arhus but it was so snowy and cold that I just wanted to stay inside!! I'll go back once the snow is gone so I can have look. Looks like such a beautiful city.

I've been going to school this week, its becoming more normal. I dont have alot of classes, for example I only had one today! So I dont have to be up as early or I can come home earlier :)

Monday I had music and I was aksed to play the bass in their music class. I was a bit worried. I didnt have many bass lessons and I wasnt ever that good. But they showed me what to do and I really enjoyed myself. Made me miss my cello.

The next few months will be a bit busy I think. I have a Getogether In Copenhagen for Rotary Students, Then in 3 weeks I am going to...ROME! End of april I am going to see Mary Poppins and in May I'll be changing families and going on my Euro Tour.

This year is going to be so full on. So crazy and so amazing, I cant imagine how my life will go back to normal afer this. But I still have 11 months of this rollercoaster ride so... BRING IT ON!!


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  1. wows right, and we've missed you just a little bit ;)

    living life in the fats , how will bendigo ever cope when you get back?!!

    enjoy every moment, love you xoxoxoxoxoxomumsy