Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Me, eh!

Well another week down. Can you believe it?

I feel like I have been so much longer.

So this will be a fairly long post. Firstly, I'll tell you about my week. Ok so friday night I went to Kalundborg for an exchange get together to welcome 2 aussie girls. It was fun, went ice skating and Katrina and I enjoyed sliding up and down the halls in our socks at 2am :) until she got a splinter that is, well it was more like a wood chip by the size of it. Anyway, then Saturday I moved to my first proper family, where I'll be staying for 3 months. They are nice and I'm settled in. The first 2 days, I was really homesick again- I felt like I had just arrived, I didnt know where I was, how to get to and from school, I didn't know the people and everything was foriegn again, but its ok now. I'm told that everyday I'll have about an hour walk in total for school. 15mins to the station, 15 mins from the station to school and then I have to do it again on the way home. JOY! Goodbye 8.30am start and wandering into school at 9.05am! Oh and I was told its about 500m to the station- yeah maybe if you cut through the forest/beach/snow/houses! haha! But I managed all by myself today, which I am very proud of.

Sunday, I went to Katrina's 'house' and we went sledding behind the tractor! was TUNS of fun!! then we watched a movie and had waffles! :) yum! Then that night my 2nd host family came over who are my neighbours haha! It was a nice night!

Monday, I went to school like usual and it was ok. Later on that night I went my danish friends house and stayed over because all my classes were cancelled tuesday :D It was lots of fun, we played in the snow. I really like them, they're so inviting and I enjoy spending time with them!

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling like.... well you know..SHIT! (mum, you'll love me for this) so I stayed in bed ALLLLLLL day :) and anyway school was cancelled due to a ridiculous amount of snow! That night I went to my rotary club's meeting. I did my presntation on Aus and they seemed to like it!

And Thursday I was not any better so another day spent at home in bed but I did receive quite a lovely package in the mail, thanks Ash.
I did go have some danish lessons in the afternoon. I had fun although.. here I go again, I felt like shit!!!
I kept pronouncing words like the french! and I swore the other day a cucumber was called 'concombre' when really thats french and the danish word is 'agurk'.

And now finally today! My birthday! I got up and went to school like a normal person. I figured I only have one birthday here, I AM NOT SPENDING IT AT HOME SICK! but my cold has prevented me from feeling in the 'spirit' of things. Tonight all my host families are coming to celebrate, so I'll have to cheer up!!

Now for my three realisations for the week (not so good):

Number 1: I'm a hypocrit!
My whole life I've been independant (well I liked to think so). I've always said (using an exmaple here) How silly it was when someone said can you come to the toilet with me... like as if they couldn't go on their own or they were scared of looking like a loner. I have always thought how stupid it was to do that! But now I have realised I am very much that person! I like that someone will hold my hand wherever I want to go and that I dont have to make that journey by myself. I have suddenly realised how much I need certain people in my life and how much security they gave to me. Hence, I AM A HYPOCRIT!
Goal for the year: to be independant! and I mean fully independant!

Number 2: I think I need to distance my self a tad.
Over the past two weeks I have spent SO MUCH time worrying about Australia. Wondering how people were back home. Wishing I was there too. I found myself caring about back home when really I should be focusing on whats in front of me. I guess I'm just scared that if I let go just a tad, not be so frequent with emails, or be on facebook every chance I get then they'll forget! I dont want that. But what I dont want more is to look back at my year when this is all over and go 'what a waste! I spent a year overseas and I spent it on facebook'... So maybe I'll just distance myself abit. Don't hate me. Please.

and finally,

Number 3: Intuition.
Ok, so my whole life I have second guessed nearly every decision I have made. Whether it was what I would wear, how I would act, who I trusted and I've always felt that I have not trusted myself, my intuition. But over the past two weeks I feel like I have. Example: (sounds silly, but hey, its an example) Today I had to catch the train home by myself and walk from the station to home! I had never done that before. I was so nervous I wouldn't get off at Korsør because the next stop was another Island!!!!, But I got off when I knew I had to, and I didnt think twice. I had to walk home and I wasnt sure if I had to turn at the first turn or the next, but to be honest I really knew where I was just confusing myself. I told my confusing thought to shutup and that I knew where I was and where I was going, and I did it!
It sounds so small... walking from the sation to home. But things like that I have been doing since I got here. Instead of thinking about the million other things that the answer maybe, I just went for the one that I knew, the feeling in my gut.

So there you go, my week and my realisations.

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