Saturday, February 13, 2010


Here's my weekly update before I head off to intro camp tomorrow for week long of learning danish!

So last friday night it was my Bday and all my host families came over. It was good, I felt so sick but I really enjoyed it. I met my host sisters from the 3rd family I'll be staying with and they're really nice. We watched tv and talked :) The dinner was really nice and I also got some nice presents!!

Saturday night I went to a friends place and we had a bit of a party. Was really nice to be involved with the danish kids for a change. They talked alot in danish so I didn't understand, but I really don't mind. They thought I thought they were crazy, but I love them!!! Hardly got any sleep and when I woke up, I found some charming photos of the boys. Note to self: DON"T LEAVE YOUR CAMERA UNATTENDED. haha.

Sunday I had a breaky/brunch with my Host Dad's Daughter. She was lovely and it was a nice morning. I was pretty dead and still feeling sick, so I probably didnt look all that that enthused. After I just went back to bed and caught up on my tv shows.

Monday was a free day at school because my class had an assignment so again I just stayed in bed but I also went to a danish lesson. I'm getting to know some words now.

Tuesday was my first proper day at school. I stayed for all 4 classes and then had a danish class that night. I was soo tired by the end of the night. Straight home to bed. They love me. I just spend all day in bed, great exchange student I am!

Wednesday I had two classes, gone by 8, home by 12.. and guess where too. BED! watched some tv and had a snooze. That night I went to an inner wheel meeting for Rotary. It's like a program for all the ladies in the club. It was nice, being in a room with lots of elderly ladies made me really miss my Nan. They were all so sweet just like Nan and I had fun chatting to them. I miss my chats with Nan.

Thursday, was my big day!! COPENHAGEN! one word!! AMAZING!! I loved it so much. The buildings were so nice and we saw alot of things. Shopped allllllllll day!!! was great! My feet were so sore by the end of it though. Well worth it!

Friday, NO SCHOOL! haha one week of holidays and my class were still doing that assignment, so guess where I was. Snuggled up in bed with skype and my tv shows. Although I did get up and meet Katrina in Slagelse for some shopping. I had to post a few things off. I did do some things that day.

And today, Saturday, hard to believe its beenn 3 weeks since I left Aus, I miss alot of things, sometimes I wish I was with my friends and family but if you said to me, right you can go home tomorrow if you miss it that much or you can stay for the rest of it. I'd choose to stay. I have so much to do here and so much to see.

I'm off to intro camp (all the 'newbies' to denmark from everywhere get together). It'll be lots of fun. Katrina is my valentine seen as we'll be spending it together on the train!


  1. Happy Valentines Day my sweet!!!

    Glad you are feeling better and have fun at intro camp, love you mumxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Charlie,
    Happy Birthday for last Friday, had a chuckle about finding photos on your unattended Hope you are feeling better. I have heard so many people say how amazing Copenhagen is - will have to try and visit one day!! Hope Intro Camp is heaps of fun...
    Jenny x