Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a bus story. There'll be a few this year.

Well today I finished at 12, hence the reason why I'm writing this. Got some time to kill. As already stated, over the short amount of time that I've been here, I've started to make some realisations. I'm starting to change. SCARY!
Ok so, today I finished at 12 and I really didn't feel like walking up to the station (15min walk in -3 with lots of wind!) and catching the train home, I also didn't feel like ending up on another island either! ha! And I decided it would be the same walk back to my house if I caught the train or bus, so I decided to bus it home. I just needed to get to Korsør station so I really didnt care what bus I took as long as I got to the station, So I just jumped on the bus that said Korsør. Half way through the bus trip I suddenly realised how unlike me that was. If I were at home I'd be checking and double checking that was the right bus and I'd be wanting to know exactly where it stopped. But today, there was no doubt, no stress (mummy, you'd be shocked), no worries. I just go on and went who cares, I'm up for a drive anyways! But I did make it home. I also realised that the shortcut I'd been taking was probably just as long and just as much of a work, seen as I have to trudge through about a million metres of snow. I also realised today that I dont love children as much as I used to. Screaming baby, 38minute Bus trip, seat in front of me. Was so glad to get off the bus. And also, I know why I take the express bus now, 38 minute bus trip. eh!

So anyway, thats all.

Copenhagen tomorrow :D

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  1. lol, my brave girl!!!
    at least you could get off the bus, the poor mother probably had to contend with it all the way home!

    Hope you enjoy Copenhagen...mumxxxx