Sunday, January 9, 2011

my year in 20kgs...

I'm packing, I started a good few weeks ago, but its just so overwhelming that I've been doing it in bits. However, with a week to go- a very BUSY week to go, I think while I have the free time I should get it done. Except I have the problem of fitting my year into 20kgs. I came to DK with 20.. and that was fine because I was starting a new life... I could build on what I had, but now I'm leaving and I want to take everything back from this life.

So I've donated a whole black garbage bag of clothes to charity, thrown away all my papers and culled all the little extra bit and pieces. I believe I'm doing well compared to the other exchange students- my mum always taught me to be ruthless and not to hoard but its just so sad putting the contents of my year into 20kgs.

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