Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tomorrow...I'm heading to the airport and saying goodbye to the amazing life I have made tthis year.

Tonight was my last night in DK. My host family celebrated it by having a traditional dansk meal and gave me a scrapbook of my time with them.

I cant believe that my year is over. This big dream of mine is over. Even though it will always be with me, this time is over. whenever I'm back I wont be on exchange. It feels like yesterday I left and I sat here writing my goodbyes and my new experiences.
This year is the best thing I have ever done. Even though I am only 17, I haven't lived a long life- I'm just beginning. But.. This is truly the most amazing thing and I believe it will always be.
I have fulfilled so many childhood dreams this year. I have met amazing people. I have seen beautiful places. I have fallen in love over and over again but mostly, I have found who I am and for the first time ever, I truly feel happy with who I am. I'm proud of myself, I see my self as a beautiful person and I see the world in a new way. This year I have found people that love me for who I am.

I will never forget everything that everyone here has done for me. My host families have been amazing. I love them all so much and each one has given me a new experience. I'm so grateful towards my rotary club, without them I wouldn't of had this year. My counselor and his family have been terrific and I appreciate everything thing they have done for me. My danish friends and class have been amazing this whole year.. and my exchangies. My oldies and my newbies. These were the people that changed me the most. They gave me the understanding of the rest of the world that I was much needing understanding in. Also, my two lovely girls, Katrina and Stace. These two girls have been there for me always. I have known Katrina since day one, we leaned on each other at the start but out of that grew a forever lasting friendship.

I'm not ready to leave Dk, even though I know this life I'm living isn't sustainable, I'm not ready to leave it just yet. Once I'm back I cant just return easily. Australia is a long way away and I plan to come back but who know how life gets in the way.

Denmark is the most beautiful country and exchange is definitely something everyone should try if they get the chance. Its been a year full of good and bad times. But here I am on the other side of it a bigger and better person. I believe life is about continually learning and bettering yourself and any opportunity to do that should be taken.

Tusind Tak Denmark, for everything.

For evigt i mit hjerte.

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