Saturday, January 1, 2011

the start of a new year.

So today is the first day of the New Year.

2011, will it be as big as 2010? I don't think so.. but I'm sure there'll be just as many experiences and adventures this year. I will remain positive.

So last, I spent a lovely night with my host family and their friends. We ate dinner, dessert, ice cream and cakes, drank coffee and consumed numerous alcoholic beverages. I watched the danish queens new year speech (I zoned out half way thru!) and jumped off the chair with a coin and a glass of champagne when the clock struck 12- this is a tradition they do, it means you (literally) jump into the new year. I'm guessing the money is about wealth, prosperity etc. I didn't exactly jump, we were crammed together, but I stepped down lightly and cautiously. and I believe that is how I'm going to approach this year. With caution.

I stood in the attic of the house and watched the fireworks go up (all over Dk people buy fireworks and just light them up, so the whole town was popping as far as you could see!), it was beautiful...I had a moment of missing home, missing new years with my family and friends. but then I realised...2 weeks. 14 days. 336 hours- what ever you want to say, I'll be on my way home.
and I honestly don't know how I feel, I'm not going to go into this business about change and missing memories because I'll just be repeating alot of my previous posts. BUT I'm going to say this.
Leaving here feels like I'm ending a life. I'm living in a whole other world here, living another life and even though when I come back to Dk I'll still have my families and friends, it still will be Dk, it wont be the same. It wont be 2010, I wont be 17 and I wont have my exchange life. When I get on that plane, its goodbye to this life.

and that, is a bloody big goodbye.


  1. Happy New Years Charlie... sounds like a fabulous night... love the jumping with the coin and the fireworks...
    Here's to 2011 being everything you want it to be :)))

    Jenny x

  2. Happy new Year my babe xoxooxoxox
    what a delightful way to jump into the new year!

    no it may not be as exciting as 2010 but who knows, you just have to choose to be happy :)

    am getting butterflies now....