Friday, January 7, 2011

what do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?

.. two amazing best friends.

so tonight/ EARLY this morning I said goodbye to one of my bestfriends- Stace, from N.Z.
over the last 6/7 months Stace and I have become such close friends. We've had an amazing time together and so many unforgettable moments. From good, bad, sober, drunk, happy, sad, crazy and just plain mental.

I love this girl with all my heart. I've learnt so much from her and she has been an incredible friend. I'm going to miss our sleepovers, our lunch dates, our odd gym sessions, our nights in copenhagen, our mental moments and just our adventures together.
Its been amazing to have her as a part of my life and I know she will continue to be even though we are the Tasman Sea apart, the bridges we build on exchange will never be broken.
Even though we're all different, we have this one incredible thing that joins us together, that gives us a forever bond-


and I know that if in 10 years time and we haven't spoken, I could ring her up and we could chat like we just saw each other yesterday- just like no time had passed.

So, I've cried alot tonight and as much as they are tears of sadness and goodbye (for now!), they are tears happiness and of the incredible friendship and memories we've made.

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  1. i know its sad but its just au revoir, and thank goodness for the internet.
    hope she had a safe flight home.
    love youxoxoxoxo